staying late at work has it's benefits. last night around 7:00, it started to hail and some crazy things were going on outside. i got some cool pictures from the window at my desk—looking right at the sunset. but on the other side of the office, someone discovered that the storm and the sun were making art together. so i grabbed my camera and ran to the other side of the office to catch it before it was gone. this is the best a photo of a rainbow has ever turned out for me. i was pretty happy with it.

{and a funny side note—i was chuckled at for my excitement and quickness to run and get my camera by one of my co-workers. he thought it funny—as if i was acting like i never saw a rainbow before. i'm obviously new there, if they don't know me by now yet—well enough to know i am ALWAYS taking pictures—of anything!}

my mom wrote a song once. one of the lines is this. "wasn't God good to put that rainbow in the sky?" if memory serves me right, the song was about uncertainty. if noah didn't face uncertainty and tested faith, who did? i was raised on these stories of old—moses, abraham, noah. so i can not help but think of the stories of their faith when i see a rainbow. i'm hoping to have a child some day. not having children gets more difficult every single day. some days all i have left is hope. there is no guarantee that i will have them. i know that. but i felt for a short moment—when i saw this rainbow—that i might.

"now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. for by it the people of old received their commendation." –hebrews 11:1-2 {esv}


Peter Tschirhart said...

That's an awesome picture, a wonderful post! I'm going to hunt some rainbows.

beth said...

what a treasure you captured and the best part of that beautiful shot...you weren't looking for it...it came to you !!!

ELK said...

mother nature says hello!
great scripture verse...elk

Rochelle said...

that's soooo beautiful! i was so frustrated not to have my camera with me driving home that night!!! glad to see you had yours. :) speaking of which, i'm looking into getting a new camera that's pocket-sized for just carrying with me more places instead of my bigger, bulky one (perfect for different situations). you seem to really like yours for that purpose: is that right? i'd rather buy one that someone really likes instead of just winding up with a so-so one.

if you haven't had a chance yet, check out my new photography blog at http://creationsbeauty.blogspot.com - you & Sherah helped be my inspiration!! :)

oh and i owe my thanks to you... now years later i can officially say i love hummus!!!!! yeaaaa!!

love u girl,

Char said...

gorgeous!!!! how beautiful that you were there to witness this moment.

and tests of faith...we know that challenge. the whys and wherefores. and the moment we let ourselves go to be in the faith, the belief, the rapture.

Ida said...

This very shot gives ME faith dear Georgia <3

Heather said...

What a GREAT shot, G! Whenever I try to take pictures of rainbows, they rarely turn out as well. I guess that's God's way to remind us of several things: to treasure and enjoy beautiful, fleeting moments; to observe and wonder at his creation; and to remember that God keeps His promises. (This last line is from a cross-stitch sampler that I did when I was about ten, which featured a rainbow over a tiny ark with tiny pairs of animals. I'll have to dig it out and show it to you sometime!) Keep up the good work, friend!