i was looking for a specific picture to post tonight, but i could not find it. but in my search, i came across this one. i had almost forgotten it.

okay, apparently you can't type your entire post into the title field—it has a limit to how many characters it will allow. so i'll put the rest of my post here. as i said, i wanted to put up a different picture tonight. something completely different. but i found this and forgot i had it. i like this picture. it was taken at a great little restaurant/coffee house in rogers park {chicago} where my sister lives called uncommon ground. i believe it is also the favorite spot for my best friend, jessi, to hang out and drink coffee. {she lives in rogers park, too—hey, how unfair is that? my two best friends live in the same town together. without me. oh, well. at least this way, when i go to visit one, i can see the other, too.}

i have digressed... i know. back to my point. my sister and i were sitting enjoying our day together. i could barely see her, though. the sun was so bright coming through the windows. she was just a silhouette. so i did what i always do when i sit across the table from a person i can't even see. i got my camera out and started taking macro shots of things on the table that i could see. ;-) it was fun.

i know. i'm a geek. i don't think there is a place that exists that i would not start taking pictures. the picture i had planned to post was taken from my car while driving—something completely different. oh, how i love to capture the most insignificant things, because they are very significant to me. they are things i see that move and excite me. i know. you're thinking, "c'mon, sugar?" am i right? yes, even sugar.

if you know me personally, the next time you see me, i will have my camera in my bag. if you have not met me, but have the chance to some day, be certain i will have it with me then, too. i keep thinking i will grow tired of taking pictures. but i love it more every day. i'm going to some photography workshops with some friends, and i can not wait! i want to learn and soak it all up like a sponge! i don't know how or when i was bitten by this photography bug. but i know i'm beyond cure. and happy to be so.

oh, wait. that was not the point either. i was supposed to post a specific photo for a specific person. sorry, P. but i could not find it. i still will, though. instead, you all get sugar. because you are all so sweet to visit me from time to time. it makes this all that much more fun! and i need that in my life. so much!


indianboy said...

Recently I sold my cannon a470. I had bought it without my family's knowledge and so I could not use it openly, meaning that I barely used it, though I tried some macro shots when no one was around. Now that I have got nokia 5800 xpressmusic I thought it was time I let my camera go and let it someplace else where it could be put to better use, though I could not help but feel sad. I always had a passion for photography and it was that passion that had made me bought that camera,ignoring the practical problems that would arise from its purchase. I had made myself a promise, whenever I land a job I will buy a new camera, hopefully better than what I had bought on my first time.

margie said...

one of my favourite things to do, macro shots of the table. i have taken some wonderful shots that way. it is always such a surprise to see what i get.

D.K.Fisher said...

What a cool shot? That would make and awesome card too. I understand you exactly when it comes to caring your camera everywhere. You sound so much like me taking pictures of everything.

Char said...

I am thinking you need to start a card line to sell on etsy and in the boutiques there.

you are so beautiful and sweet - so glad I discovered your world.


spread your wings said...

ah this is the sweetest thing. i loved this post - it feels intimate - like i am talking with you right now, like i do know you personally - it's light-hearted and fun. love it the photo and all that you post.

beth said...

all what you said about photography...yep, me too !!!

littlepurplecow said...

Love that image. Thanks for sharing at Shutter Sisters.