florida 2: flight 1 {chicago to sarasota}

there are some people who take a lot of pictures from the plane when they fly. i am one of them. believe me—i took way more than i needed to. i had my camera out almost the entire 2+ hour flight.

but i'm a cloud lover. and there were so many awesome cloud formations on the way there. how often do we get to photograph clouds from above, especially in comparison to how often we can shoot them below?

the older i get, the more nervous i am to fly. so i needed something to take my mind off of it. i took so many, that my batteries died and i had to pull out the little camera. it was tough to narrow it down to these 20. i'm sorry about the many plane shots. hopefully you are not thinking, "you've seen one, you've seen them all." i hope i took at least a couple to make it worth your viewing. enjoy!

this shot is one of my favorites.

i like the shadows of the clouds on the water in this one.

this one reminds me of "sky above clouds" by georgia o'keefe.

this is another one of my favorite shots.

my seat was right behind the wing.
i would think a lot of people would be upset to get a wing seat,
as it would obstruct the wonderful views,
but i found it to be a fortunate thing.
i love how the wing or other parts of the plane against the vast sky
break it up and create some really interesting shapes
{like in the two shots above and the shots below}.
i was just happy to have a window seat.

i can finally see the gulf.
hello, beach! here i come!


Anonymous said...

Funny, I was just thinking "Sky Above Clouds" right before I saw you had written it. Darn, I wanted to post an original thought :)

I guess I should go back to window seats. I've been requesting aisle for the last several years as I'm tall and I can't stand being cooped in like that.

I don't think I've ever shot from a plane. I really like them and, like you, the ones with airplane parts showing are even more interesting.

elk said...

oh how I relish photos from the air ...it is a mixture of mystery and marvel...i like the way you included the words in your series as well, i so look forward to the trip to florida through your images !

Hi Kooky said...

I love cloud pictures too! There's something so special about the bird's eye view. Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting the window seat... And I always think of the Georgia O'Keeffe painting too. It's one of my favorites.

Dani said...

Oh yay! I love to take pics on the plane too. I'm not much of a flier, but on my way to Las Vegas and back this spring, I had my camera out the whole time. Kind of felt like a dork...not many picture takers. I love the way the wing looks in your photos! Clouds are so amazing...they tell us so much! And seeing the ground from that point allows you to see places we could never travel, by car or by foot. Flying is good stuff!

Haphazardkat said...

LOL!! Great pics! You can feel your excitement about the trip in every one of them :)

Chris said...

I'm the same way with sky shots, although I'm always afraid I'll get yelled at by the crew. I took lots on my honeymoon and got some really neat shots. Yours are awesome!

Char said...

so beautiful - I always want window seats and lots of shots. It's how I saw a round rainbow

Georgia B. said...

no way, Char! you saw a round rainbow? that would be so awesome! did you get a picture?

margie said...

we were in long boat village in long boat key. which beach were you at?

Georgia B. said...

margie, i'm not sure what the name of the beach was. it's very close to the casa del mar hotel. i wish i could remember. it's across from the long boat harbor condos. sorry. :(

how cool that you were so close! it's beautiful, no?

Alicia said...

I LOVE this series of plane pictures! I'm flying half way across the country in about 5 weeks... and I CANNOT wait to take my camera along and see what pictures I can get!! You have such a variety of cloud pictures. I love clouds too!!

angel cake said...

beautiful series, georgia. i love the georgia o'keefesque one. that's my fav. thanks for taking us along on your trip. i can feel the sun!

Georgia B. said...

thanks, angel. thanks for telling me your thoughts. they mean more than you know.

Angie said...

Found your blog via Glenrosa Journeys.
Love your photos!

Anonymous said...

i share in youru favorites