wish you were here

i made a little collage for my side column that will serve as a button for my florida series posts. i used to outline images for catalogs and text books at my old job. some were tedious—like bicycles {with all the spokes}. but most images i had to outline were pretty basic, so it was not too bad. that is where i learned this photoshop technique.

i have not done it in a while, so having to outline this bird, chair, flower and sail boat took me a while to do tonight. the beach umbrella was already part of the original image. the others were part of separate images, so i had to outline them and copy and paste each onto this image. i like the end result. it's sort of postcard-esque. {you can see it better if you click on the image.}

more batches will be coming over the next few weeks. here are some of the upcoming series titles that you can expect:
florida sail
florida flowers
florida people
florida beach
florida pool
florida birds
florida sunsets
florida favorites
... and some other surprises thrown in.

i'll also post other non-florida shots here and there. i can't forget about the shots i've been taking since i got back—like these.

semi truck hubcap drive-by shooting

grapefruit juice and tobasco sauce at uncommon ground {a restaurant}

aaron and angela {a high school friend and my twin}
at uncommon ground

barn {from saturday's workshop/photoshoot}

baby goose {from photoshoot}

aaron's feet {from photo shoot}

and aaron's legs {my favorite shot of the weekend}


Anonymous said...

Hi, I really like your new collage banner, I need to get more skilled at Photoshop. And your other shots are great. I love the baby goose with his little feet splayed out behind him.

Toni said...

I love, love, love that baby goose laying there all spread eagled! Too cute! Excellent job on that first image and the other shots are great, too.

parisa mahmoudi said...

I like the aaron's feet shot so much cause I imagine it is like Gulliver in lilliput. :)
I see a little head near the red shoelaces,now! ;)

Have a great time

P.S.I'm a children book illustrator.I'm new in this but I really love this job!!!My first book will be published soon(you can find some of the pictures of it on my blog.If you want to illustrate a nice story,just tell me!
It would be so great!!! :)

Claire said...

i am learning so much from you.

beth said...

that baby goose.....LOVE IT !!!
and that last one with the feet and the tree....fabulous !!!

margie said...

i am still stuck on the blue of the water in yesterday's post. these are gorgeous photos and i think i like the one of the legs the best as well.

Dani said...

i love how you see things: the collage is so fun! my two favorites are the hubcaps on the semi and the goose. now i know exactly where i should take my kids today...the pond!

apriliniowa said...

How cool is the converse shot against the green green grass & blue sky!?! And I love the little splayed out goose feet. :)
As for photoshop, I have a close friend that's a graphic designer and am always a little envious of her photoshop skills. I've tried and tried to teach myself but it's beyond me at this point in the game. Looking forward to your FL. pics though and would love to read more about the workshop you attended. That must have been fun, no?

Heather said...

Great collage -- still working on this outlining skills, etc. Haven't had the patience to take on a project like this quite yet!

The shoot looks like it was fun! I'm anxious to return to a local park with the promise of hatchlings and spring flowers.

Haphazardkat said...

well crud. I accidentally commented on this post on your Florida 1:macro post below it!

*mutters and makes more coffee*

Chris said...

Love the hubcap image!

Can you talk me through outlining sometime? I can do it but in a very rough way. I'd prefer to learn from a pro :)

I had lots of fun yesterday too!

Char said...

I need your photoshop skills as I can't quite get the hang of the outline as I'm not patient enough. It's great editing work there that you have a great postcard. I like your workshop shots too - tell me more about it.

elk said...

you are so many things...
are at the top of the list...

Georgia B. said...

thanks, everyone! so many have asked about the workshop. there's not much to tell. it was at REI, and it was a three-part workshop. i missed the second one where the teacher taught about using the manual functions on digital cameras. the first one, i learned some things—like about white balance and a few other things. the last one was a hands-on, where we went to a nature park and took pictures practicing with the manual functions. i ended up using the auto function most of the time, because i missed the second workshop. so, this is something i will still have to learn.

Anonymous said...

neat postcard.

do you always drink Tabasco sauce with your grapefruit juices?

~B~ said...

That last shot of his feet and legs kinda of inverted is something you would think to see on a movie poster or something. that is just what I thought, journey, an indie flick.=) I think that Flordia image would be a great postcard, you should buy some cardstock and sell some of your images as postcadrds on etsy...I think that would be lovely.

spread your wings said...

fabulous. i especially love the feet photos - like a lot!
i just want to say i love what you're doing in your side column with the labels and photo buttons for your series. would you mind if i decided to incorporate that idea on ours? we're still thinking on how we want to change things up or add to our blog. you are an inspiration.

Georgia B. said...

leslye, please do! i would not mind at all. i'm glad you like them and want to do the same.

Linda Jacobs said...

What an eye you have! I love the hubcap one as well as the feet!