i need your help {please}

ughhh! this week just flew by, and i have not posted any florida pics! you are probably beginning to wonder if i ever actually went.  =)

i wanted to do some birthday posts for friends, so those took priority over the florida pics. but i am also having some issues with photo storage.

that's where you come in. i was hoping you all could leave me some comments with tips/tricks/advice on how you store and organize your photos. i need suggestions.

i used to put all my photos on my very large hard drive at work. when i lost my job, i backed them all on to dvd. but now, i have very limited space on my computer at home. plus, my cd drive does not have the function to burn. a friend graciously let me use their computer to get my florida pics off my cards and onto dvd. the only problem is that it was on a pc and they will not mount on my mac.

part of this will be solved if and when i get a new computer. but even then, there has to be a better system for storing and organizing photos. i have iPhoto on my mac. what do you use? have you come up with some useful methods that you would like to share? if so, i would certainly appreciate it!

i hope you all had a great week and will have an even better weekend. i'm hoping to get this photo thing figured out by monday in order to post some pics. we can just pretend i got back from florida this coming sunday instead of last sunday, okay?


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I use an external hard drive to store folders that I do not readily need. My computer was beginning to get overrun with photos and I was running out of space!

Now, to back up my entire computer and all its contents (and any external storage devices), I use a service called BackBlaze. If you google the name you can easily find it. They automatically do back ups on my computer anytime I add something new. The initial back up took nearly two weeks to complete, but now it runs in the background and I don't have to worry about it! I have a hands-off approach to backing up, but would be devastated if my computer crashed (or worse!). The cost of their service is $5 a month. Very inexpensive to save your most prized possessions, yes?!

Any questions, feel free to hit me up :)

Georgia B. said...

thanks, WW!

Jamie said...

I would suggest an external HD too. It holds lots more than a CD and it can move from computer to computer.

I'm in an editing/upload backlog too. I've got to get those Hawaii wedding pictures up!

Hang in there girl. You'll find a way.

MaggieGem said...

External hard drive is the way to go... and if these photos are important I recommend http://www.carbonite.com/mac/mac.aspx

Alicia said...

I just recently got an external hard drive for all my photos. Somehow, in the last few months, my photo organization with the folders has gotten a bit unorganized... I download my pictures differently since I got my dslr... I need to organize it all soon (my summer goal).

My husband, computer nerd he is, says that cds only last for a few years and then they are not reliable anymore (some research he read recently). So I definitely recommend also backing up on an external hard drive! Just make sure you are careful about shutting it down and unplugging it... if you do it wrong, you could lose the photos on the external hard drive.

beth said...

I'm an external hard drive girl, too !!!

only because my hubby has insisted I do it...

I guess I'll keep him !!!

Georgia B. said...

thanks, everyone!

Claire said...

i do externals too. i have a terabite one just for my raw files and then i have another smaller one for my jpgs and all my documents and system files.

~B~ said...

I do my photos 3 ways
1. External Hardrive-really frees up my memory on my pc and it is on centeral place
2. Then I go to shutterfly and put all the new pics in an album and save them.(i love going there and making lazy scrapbooks,posters calenders anything and their price for actual prints is only 10c)
3. I go and get only ONE pic of everyshot I took(that I love) done, an index card and a cd. Yes cds will change,but until that happens..I have an slbum with my cd on the left and the index card on the right.

I know it seems time consuming but it is really quick on all these. I then know if my house burned(there goes external and the copies) i have them online(do not think the web is going anywhere). Computer crashed got the copies and online...well you get the idea. I hope you get an idea for what you want to do. You have lovely photos would be a bummer to not be able to save them and or loose them. Have a great weekend.