happy birthday, lynnette annabella!

love, georgette lynnette!

{probably everyone has at least one friend in their life that can make them laugh constantly while in their presence. one of those friends for me is this girl, lynn. i met her my freshman year of college, and we have been dear friends ever since. no one makes me laugh as much as she has -- well, maybe a couple other people i've known could. but holy cow, she takes the cake when it come to humor. she was recently visiting from nashville -- when this picture was taken, and we all went out to dinner. my cheeks actually hurt by the end of the night from laughing so hard. she's a hoot!

but she is also a tender-hearted, compassionate person who just became a very caring nurse. and also very beautiful, no?

i'm so excited, because i am to go see her at the end of may for her wedding in nashville. she's one of those friends i was talking about yesterday -- tried and true. we can pick up where we left off every time -- no matter the duration or distance between us.

here's to laughter and friends!}


Chris said...

She looks like a sweetheart!

~B~ said...

That is a lovely post to what seems to be a lovely friend.I hope you have fun in Nashville. I have always wanted to go there.