i don't, but i do

i don't have an i-phone,
but i do have a voice.

i don't have a pool,
but i do have clean water.

i don't have a job,
but i do have an education.

i don't have many diamonds,
but i do have many friends.

i don't have a flat screen television,
but i do have a camera and eyes to use it.

i don't have my dream car,
but i do have the ability to walk.

i don't have the money to take yearly vacations,
but i do have places to go.

i don't have my father,
but i do have wonderful memories of him.

i don't have children,
but i do still have a child-like spirit.

i don't have a master's or doctorate degree,
but i do have a mind that works.

i don't have an expensive espresso machine,
but i do have someone who makes me coffee every morning.

i don't have a great performance computer,
but i do have so many great friends through my blogs.

i don't have a fancy house,
but i do have a place to lay my head.

i don't have the art studio of my dreams,
but i do have so many ideas and abilities.

i don't have perfect health,
but i do have the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

i don't have the chance to do my days over,
but i do have so much to look forward to.

i don't have everything,
but i do have so much.


Susie said...

Excellent ...

Char said...

amen Georgia amen

Hi Kooky said...

I second that "amen". Love this. Thank you.

Peter Tschirhart said...

Very nice Georgia, makes me feel good.

elk said...

georgia ~you are so right and so kind to share this list ...I relate to almost every single one...you have such a sweet spirit!

elk said...

your image is wonderful by the way

beth said...

a gentle reminder for all of us to be thankful for what we do have...and to stop whining about what we don't...

Chris said...

This is beautiful. I should print it out and put it on my fridge, to remind me of such things.

I'm glad you're my friend :)

~B~ said...

This post is great, especially since some many people can get down easily when we stop and think of everything we want that we do not have. That society puts out there and pushes on us to buy cause it is some sort of status symbol. It is good to do what you did and stop and consider what you do have. Hope you had a swell weekend.

ps. I did say swell. =)

Sara said...

Do you have any idea how much I am in love with this?

Relyn said...

As I was reading this, before I got to your last lines, I was thinking just this: Oh, you do have so much. How wise you are to know it.

angel cake said...

mmmmm hmmmmm!

i want to see the bug. not the g-bug, but the d-bug. i don't have the d-bug, but i do have a sister who had the d-bug and can show me. ;)

Dani said...

amen sista! thanks for sharing this!

Jane said...

Oh, this was so wonderful to read. What a happy positive upbeat grateful attitude you have in your heart. You have warmed my spirit with your words and perfect photo, Georgia.

Rochelle said...

Beautifully said!!

Ganga Rudraiah said...

//i don't have everything,
but i do have so much. //


Anonymous said...

well said! made me think of what i have and dont.

Toni said...

An excellent list of dos that puts life in perspective.

spread your wings said...

what a great outlook you have. such a nice reminder for us to look at the things we do have and to be grateful for them. thank you, Georgia, for sharing this.

Lisa said...

this is beautiful. i love it.

Oliag said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful...a list we should all be thinking of...thank-you!