to the friend i've known since third grade

new friends are a wonderful thing.
if they are true and real,
they will some day be your old friend.
mary was my new friend at seven years old.
now at 37, she is my oldest friend.
treasure the friends that are true.
tell them what they mean to you.
that is what i'd like to do now.

~ ~ ~

you were with me through some of my darkest hours.
i'll never forget that.
you are a light and a vessel of God's love.
your infectious laugh has brightened many hearts.
i am so grateful to have a friend like you,
no matter how much our busy lives keep us apart.
i can't wait to see you saturday.


apriliniowa said...

Old friends are the best of friends. They grow and learn, sometimes re-learn, with you. Happy birthday to your friend, Mary. p.s. I've always loved that name...

Char said...

I have a friend that has been my friend since we're 13 - this reminds me of her. so beautiful.

happy birthday mary

Jaime said...

Beautiful tribute to an old friend.
Gorgeous photo as well!


Bev said...
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Bev said...

i have old friends as well, from junior high, have known each other for 40
years...such depth and richness to our friendships, it is like no other...

elk said...

such a special tribute...happy birthday mary!

spread your wings said...

I have a friend like that - new at age 5 and still a friend at age 50. your words are a beautiful reminder to recognize and honor friendships - old and new.

Anonymous said...

thats a beautiful tribute.

Beauty2Behold said...

Wow! What can I say? THANK YOU Georgia for such a wonderful tribute! I am so blessed to have a friend like you in my life...truly. No matter how much time has passed between visits, we will always pick up where we left off...laughing! You are a dear friend and I am so grateful! Your picture is beauuutttiiiffull! And thank you to all who commented on the value of long time friendships (and well wishes). And may I just add, I feel that the real friends in our lives are ones we have weathered storms with through conflict, forgiveness, grace and obvioulsy a deep love and commitment. It takes integrity and determination. I have that with Georgia and it is a unique blessing in this life. Again, thank you.

Georgia B. said...

you're welcome, Mary! i'm just so excited to see you started a blog! can't wait to see you start posting on it!

Claire said...

your tributes are always real and heartfelt.

the photo is excellent!

Chris said...

So lovely and heartfelt. What a great friend you both have!