challenge no. 11 from the four + my first guest post

"then swing your window open,
the one with the fresh air and good eastern light
and watch for wings, edges, new beginnings."
– monique duval

this was taken as an attempt
to meet challenge no. 11 over at the four.
i still had the shoe sitting on my window sill
from my mini-photo shoot
that i did for the latest post
on our diptych blog, i click + you click . . .
i took advantage and got more shots
for the latest challenge on the four.
{click photo to see much more detail}

on another note, i have received
my very first invitation to guest post
on someone else's blog!
not just any someone else—the lovely dani
from orange salad and pecan dressing.
{great blog name, isn't it?}

she is a really good writer,
so i was a bit apprehensive.
but i was so glad she asked
and wanted to oblige,
so you can find me over there
today while she is away
on a little romantic
get-away with her hubby.
i'd love for you to stop by,
but don't just do it today.
visit her every day—
you'll be glad you became a regular!

and i urge you to learn about her vision
for what $2 can - and will do.

more florida pics coming soon, i promise!
can we add more days to the week, please?
even just one would help a lot!
{wink wink}


Anonymous said...

Is your post on Dani's blog now? I only see her post from 6/9.

Dani said...

oh, no. you beat me to it! :)

i'm posting in a few minutes—then it will officially be the 11th of june. :)

Dani said...

oops—that was me, georgia, saying that. :)

i'm still logged into blogger as her.

georgia b. said...

there you go, candace. it's up. and i waited for nothing—it still says june 10th.

i'm so silly sometimes. at least i'm logged in as me this time. :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

YOu are so cute, I love those shoes.

margie said...

great shoe!! i am assuming there is another one and they will be worn appropriately. off to read your guest post.

Chris said...

Congrats on the guest blog position! That's so cool. I'd love to do that someday...oh wait, I did once, at the Lil Bee. It was fun!

Lovely shoes, too. Sigh...I miss wearing heels.

Hi Kooky said...

Love the photo. I'd love to begin an adventure in such pretty shoes! Congrats on the guest blogger gig!

beth said...

Fantastic. Wow, that IS some detail.

I am a sucker for a good quote and spent 5 years in the shoe business so this one made me smile inside.

Congrats on the guest post.

Toni said...

I covet your shoes.

And congrats on the guest post! =)

Anonymous said...

I also want to say congrats on the guest post. I went there and your poem is very good.
You reminded me of growing up down in Delavan Illinois and being with my sister and you made me miss home.
I see my little girls (A & J) having fun and hope they to will have good summer memories when they grow up.

Jamie said...

I love how you worked the DOF to get the screen in focus but everything out the window - not. Very cool and glad you got double use out of the shoe shots! I'm off to see your guest post...

Char said...

yay!!! congrats on your first guest post - it is beautiful.

Oliag said...

...I left you a note on your guest post...that poem left me with so many memories of my sister's and my childhood! Although we are quite a bit older than you we apparantly had similar childhoods!

georgia b. said...

thank you, gail. :)

glad you liked it.

beth said...

how do you keep so many blogs going...arrghh, I'm running around trying to catch up with you !

it's so obvious you are younger than I am....huff puff....okay....I think I'm done...

WAIT....I'm missing one I think....

back to my blog roll I go !!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love that blog title - it makes me drool a bit. :)

gorgeous interpretation!