speaking of bye bye birdie...

brush off the clouds and cheer up
put on a happy face
take off the gloomy mask of tragedy
it's not your style
you'll look so good that you'll be glad
ya decided to smile
pick out a pleasant outlook
stick out that noble chin
wipe off that full-of-doubt look
slap on a happy grin
and spread sunshine all over the place

and if you're feeling cross and bitterish
don't sit and whine
think of banana split and licorice
and you'll feel fine
i knew a girl so glooming
she'd never laugh or sing
she wouldn't listen to me
now she's a mean old thing
so spread sunshine all over the place
just put on a happy face
so, put on a happy face

{put on a happy face from bye bye birdie}

so... if you stopped over here yesterday, you would have seen that i had a rough day. but fourteen hours, one trip to trader joe's, two advil, one allergy pill {the sleepy kind}, and eight hours of sleep later, i feel pretty good again!

yesterday started out cloudy. but by evening, it had cleared up. i just woke up to clear skies and lots of sunshine pouring through the window. {sigh} sunshine in the morning is bliss for me. it's right up there with peanut butter cups from trader joe's.

speaking of t.j.'s, how great are those chardonnay wine bottles with the smiley faces? i saw those last night and just had to take a picture. i know... you are wondering why i had my camera in t.j.'s, right? i think the store manager was wondering that very same thing. and i KNOW my husband was. {poor silly non-picture taking souls. they just don't get it.} {smile}

anyway, we have had a lot of amazing cloud formations around here lately––storm clouds and such. you'll be seeing lots of cloud pictures here for a while. but then that should not surprise you, hah? with the clouds comes the rain sometimes. but, hey... bring it on if it means gorgeous flower like these.

yes, another trader joe's picture. um... have you been to one? it's so colorful in there. and so very interesting! next time you go, take your camera. you'll see. you could spend at least an hour in there taking pics.

thanks to those who were my cheerleaders yesterday, and also for giving me permission to cry. i never did end up bawling. i guess it never really was there––it just felt like it. i hope you all have a blessed sunday. see you all tomorrow––when i'll resume looking at all your wonderful pictures and reading your thoughts. {i said on friday, "next up: florida pool". i meant come monday. the weekend was for more spontaneous posts. i got one more tonight for my nephew––something different than i've ever done. i'm giddy just thinking of putting it up for him.}



apriliniowa said...

You know what, I've never been to a Trader Joe's store but have read almost as many posts on it's selection of goodies as I have about Anthropologie's. I need to get out of Iowa every now and then, I think.
With that, love those flowers and was sorry to read that you were having a bad day. Glad all's better. Enjoy your Sunday. :)

Grey Street Girl said...

I love that you took your camera in the Trader Joe's! And, I'm so glad you're feeling better today. What a difference a little sleep and some sunshine can do!

Diane Schuller said...

such pretty images -- and that header is so beautiful. The quote you are using is one of my favourites too (came from SS today)

~Hurricane B~ said...

A happy you is a blessed thing. See you on Monday

beth said...

oh how I love me my trader joes !!!

and they have the BEST flowers... and cheap !

and their frozen portabella mushroom ravioli is so yummy !!!

I'm glad you are happy and feeling better :)

Haphazardkat said...

Hi Georgia :)

I love your new headline photo!

Sorry I haven't been around for a bit. A close friend of mine died and I have been immersed in the funeral details and sadness of it all. I did take some pictures the other day. I shall endeavor to work on putting them up now that the funeral is behind me and I can concentrate again. (sort of) :)

I do have a regular non photo blog http://haphazardkat.blogspot.com that you can go to to find out where I disappeareed to when I am lax on posting photos :)


Char said...

LOL I always get funny looks and a few curious people asking why I'm taking pictures. My family now just laughs.

so glad you're feeling better girlie. so glad.

spread your wings said...

i always wish i had my camera at Trader Joes, but i don't so many, many times I have used my iphone in there – after all TJ has blog worth material don't they?
love your cheery photos today. glad you're better.

Alicia said...

I love your photos and how they go along with the lyrics of the song :) You are always so creative! I know how you feel about taking photos in places that people don't "normally" take photos! My husband just stops and taps his foot while he waits for me to tag along behind after my clicking fits!!!

Your first photo has the hopeful feel that I'm looking for in my life (as far as some parts of my life go)... I'm feeling so hopeful about those beautiful blue skies and perfect white clouds to come!

Toni said...

I had to Google Trader Joes to see what you were talking about! We don't have one on the east side of Washington. We never get the love. My son gave me the "look" when I took out my camera at the bar, which is attached to the restaurant where he is chef, but the light coming up through the liquor bottles was just too cool - I can totally relate!

Chris said...

Well, you know how I feel about Trader Joes, especially their flowers. And I'm also in love with their dark chocolate espresso beans, pretzel bread, Refreshers, etc. etc. I love that store! I wish they'd put one in Warrenville, but until then, I keep traveling to Naperville or Glen Ellyn to get my fix :)