bloom where you are planted

did you ever have one of those days
where you feel like bawling
and you are not even sure why?
come on, ladies––i KNOW you have.
guys? not sure about you,
but maybe you still have days
like what we go through.
the joys of being a female.

i feel like the slightest bit of bad news
or the slightest negative look or word
from someone would send me into
a crying fest for several hours.
i haven't cried a tear today,
but it just feels like it's right there
ready to pour at any given moment.

it probably does not help that i only had
a little over four hours of sleep.
i was not going to post more pictures today,
but then i realized, my earlier post didn't count,
because it used to be my banner photo.
i still get to post something new today.
and i needed to post these––
i needed the message in them.
maybe it will help you, too.
that's another reason i am putting them up.
hopefully you are not on the verge of tears, though.
the rest of the shots from this photo shoot are here.


Grey Street Girl said...

I've been having one of those weeks. These shots are gorgeous! They have definitely cheered me up. I hope you get some sleep and get to feeling more cheery yourself.


elk said...

oh my goodness ...your header is special..

Sandy K. said...

I love the header, and your sequence of blooms. Yes, tears are on the surface at times. Very frustrating, and sad. Warm thoughts your way...you'll bloom again soon:).

skoots1mom said...

such pretty work...love the captures!
sleep well tonight...maybe you'll be more chipper tomorrow

Anonymous said...

don't cry shop girl.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hate that feeling...hope it passes soon. I, too, love your new banner (loved your old one, too).

spread your wings said...

oh how absolutely gorgeous. i love your new header. and yes i know that feeling. i think lack of sleep is the culprit. rest well.

Hi Kooky said...

Yes - I totally know that feeling. Sometimes a good cry is just what I need (and a good night's sleep). I hope you are feeling better!

Kristin said...

I'm so there. The dude decided he was not going to sleep last night. Apparently he thinks he's a newborn again. Lovely photos!!

Char said...

yes...I can totally relate to it. and I am glad you posted the shots today. gorgeous

beth said...

oh yes....a few times a month, like clockwork, the tears just spill out of me....a cleansing of sorts, perhaps, for any ugliness that comes my way ?

Toni Brockliss said...

Everyone has Donny Downer Days. It is very normal and although you feel sad, I think it is good for you. It's an outlet...like popping the cork on good champagne. If you didn't pop and fizz out the top, you would be flat and tasteless.
I have been doing an art journal class and I find I create better pages when something is bothering me.
Last Sunday night I watched 60 Minutes here in Australia and they showed the worst story I have ever heard in my life. It was terribly upsetting and I cried the whole night and the next day I made art journal pages and they are my favourite so far.
When you are happy, I am sure you take completely different photos to when you are sad. You capture vunerability and a different sort of beauty in what you photograph when you feel sad.
So the moral of this ramble....seize the opportunity to turn a sad day into a piece of gold for your beautiful art.

Toni said...

This seems to have been one of those weeks for a lot of people. Sometimes a good cry is the best release, though, and it is okay to give yourself permission to do so. Goodness knows I've done that a time or two and I'm sure I'll have the need to do so again. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

PS You're welcome!

Sara said...

Hi, new banner! I think you are pretty!

The other day, I had been holding back too many tears, the overflowed, and I wasn't able to stop them, and I had tiny little blood freckles around by eyes.

I felt great after the tears stopped.

Chris said...

Aw, I hope your day turned out better! I have these days ALL the time, and I think it's a wonderful part of being female (sarcasm here).

I like your new banner :)

alissa said...

those are the worst days. i swear that the rest of the world can tell that you're having one of those days and theyre determined to break the seal and make you just lose your marbles!