vintage photo album

remember when shutter sisters did that post about photos with nostalgic moods created through processing? it was that post that made me realize i want to do more with my photos than just post s.o.o.c. shots. having photoshop, i should not let the opportunity of doing something fun with my photos pass by. i don't want to do this all the time, but that post really inspired me to begin to experiment with making some of my photos look aged or older.

the only thing is, i did not quite know how. i received some tips and some links to sites that would help me do that in different ways. but i wanted to learn how to do this myself––whether using texture or playing with the color or both. i love to add the white borders on my photos––just that one step alone can give it that little vintage kick. i had also used the polaroid photoshop action here and there on some of my photos. and then there are my sepia shots. but i wanted to do more.

if you know me, you know i love actual vintage photos. i try to pick them up when i go to antique stores––for making cards or just hanging up in my home in some fashion. there is just something about them that i love. i've also begun to frame and use some of my family's and my husband's family's old photos––parents, grandparents, even great grandparents. and let's face it... i'm getting to the age where even my childhood photos could be considered antiques. {sigh}

so with the recent popularity of "vintagizing" photography today, i thought i would join in on the fun. i love vintage anything. i love photography. why not marry the two? just a couple of days ago, i realized i had some actions that came with my photoshop that would help me achieve this {like the one i used on yesterday's post}, and i did not even realize it. i could have been doing this all this time! oh well, better late than never.

i also purchased a few textures and frames and downloaded some sample actions to aid in my photoshop play and experimenting. so i've been playing for the past couple of days. it's so much fun!

i added some texture to this daisy picture from a previous post and changed it to a sepia. then i added it onto this frame file {that actually looks more like an album} to create my little sidebar button image for my new tag series called "vintage photo album" any photos that i play with to create an aged or vintage feel will get tagged and added to this new series.

what do you do to age your photos {if you are into that sort of thing}?

{speaking of vintage photos, i posted more old photos of my dad for father's day on jorjah-b. but these are the real deal. no aging effects used there––just a scanned old photo from my mom {{thanks, mom!}}. just promise me you won't laugh at my hair.}


Char said...

:) yes...I definitely love to play with making some of my shots vintage.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Darlin :)
Just hang around long enough and they become Vintage (some times too soon!)

But i do love BnW -- they become timeless it seems.

I so enjoy your blog -- its very good and well done.


elk said...

i applaud you for working on it...the PS textures/layers confuses me but i will keep trying...I am already vintage...wink!

Liss said...

Hi thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the vintage looks you are creating on your photos. These is something classical and nostalgic about vintage shots.

When I edit I go where the mood takes me so often I do different things but you may be interested in some photoshop actions I sometime use to create vintage effects. They are free to down load. Google: Coffee Shop free PS/PSE actions and give them ago.

I am loving Toni’s Sunday Spotlight post, it looks like it will introduce me to some wonderful photograph blogs to visit.

Toni said...

Every once in a while I play around with textures, but it has to be the right type of photo and I haven't done any of those lately, I guess (with puzzled look on my face). I like yours, though! =)

Anonymous said...

I really like your vintage daisy photo! I guess the most I have done is make photos sepia or soft b/w but I haven't really used textures and have been thinking about doing so. Camille at http://bloomfineart.blogspot.com/ uses textures a lot to give her photos a soft, vintage look.

I only have PS Elements but I see plenty of textures so I'll have to mess around with those. Oh-oh, I already spend way too much time on the computer.

Thanks for your "sweet" comment on Toni's blog :)

georgia b. said...

wow, thank you, claudia.

and thanks for the tips everyone! can't wait to play some more.

beth said...

you know me...I just play until it "feels right" and it never really seems to be the same thing...
I think each photo has it's own calling and sometimes I hear "leave me alone" and other times I hear "more more more" and every once in awhile I hear "thank you for making me so beautiful"

so play I do, with no rhyme or reason, just a passion of playing until my eyes are soaked with satisfaction :)

Sandy K. said...

I haven't done any aging to my photographs, but I am loving this photo album idea. Photoshop and I have a basic relationship, but one of my goals this summer was to deepen that relationship. You have reminded me I need to do it! Thank you.