YOU read.
you "heard" the news.
you commented.
you e-mailed me.
you asked me if there is anything you can do.
you wrote to me and asked me for my address
so you could send me something.
you sent me your phone number and said,
"call me. i might be able to help."
you sent me links to resources
that could help my situation
or actual job openings that you
did the research on.
you said you were so sorry about our situation.
you told me you are praying for us.
you actually wrote out your prayer for me
and sent it as if you were by my side
praying with me.
you told me things will be okay.
you encouraged me with words
that reminded me of what i have.
you let me feel comfortable enough with you
to tell you what happened
before i even wrote about it here.
you sent me a package before you or i
ever knew this would happen
because you followed a tug at your heart
to do something nice for a friend,
not knowing it would arrive on the day
i would need it the most.
you invited us to come stay with you for a while,
even though we've never met
or only met one time.
you told me of someone you know
who went through or is going through the same,
and how they have made it or are making it.
you gave me an encouraging verse
or a thoughtful word of comfort.
you gave me ideas.
you stopped.
you listened.
you cared.

I thank you.

if there is anyone who mocks your blog or tells you your blogging friends are not real, tell them i said they are wrong. the friends i have made through blogging are as real as any i've ever made in person. i've been flooded here and through e-mails with your kindness and generosity. thank you for being there for me. i hope i have been or will be equally there for you should you need me.

sincerely, ME.


Hi Kooky said...

Amen, sister.

joyce said...

What a wonderful post. My mom said to me the other day, about bloggers, that she always figured it was for people who were bored. That's totally not so. I think I've visited your blog before, but I have heard about you on other blogs. I do hope things work out for you.

beth said...

you speak the truth my sweet friend !

Char said...

I hear you my friend...I hear you. I don't know what I would have done the last six months without you and many others for support and listening.

HLiza said...

you and me..we found much support from blogging..not many people understand this; especially if they don't blog. i had a tragic accident 3 weeks ago and much healing came from the kind words blogger friends gave me. i hope you'll make it too..coz i can see you have so much to offer to the world.

elk said...

thinking of you as i say my prayers this evening ...blessings

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Georgia. I hope some of the ideas pan out for you.

Claire said...

the prayers go on...

Liss said...

I'm so far away all I can do is send my prayers you way and wish that your situation is only temporary.

It is so lovely to know that people do care and want to help. Even though bloggers don't generally meet in person, it doesn't mean friendship don't blossom.

I hope you stay on line and continue to blog. I love visiting you here.

~Hurricane B~ said...

I think it says a lot when people can feel the abilty to leave comments, their morals, and personal thoughts on things out there in bloggy land. As well as leave some of it in a comment, you're putting yourself out there with a chance of people not liking it.

So then when you find that niche of people that do like you, what you have to say..well I think it is not different than if you made a friend via work, or the store, or another friend.

So I agree with you, blogs are a form on interaction, just as meaningful.

I am glad that some people love and care for you, that you will have smiles, hands, prayers and thoughts to help you through this. You need it, and you deserve it.

CDScott said...

So nice to feel love, no matter the source. So happy for the support you are receiving and I hope your situation continues to improve.

On another note, I am impressed with your photography. It is amazing what you do with your point-and-shoot. Don't be intimidated by SLRs. You can learn anything!

Meri said...

As it should be. I always hold in my mind the image of blogs weaving a net of connection and peace over the world.

shilvia said...

i cant stop nodding my head to this post...

tangobaby said...

You are so not alone... many of us in the same situation or at least can understand how you feel. I'm glad that you're surrounded by many people who make you feel comforted. There is nothing more important than that.

HollyG said...

lovely. I'm going through a time of uncertainty myself right now, and I don't know what I would do without my blog. Sometimes I feel that my blog friends are so much less judgmental than my real friends. And my blog is the only friend I can call on at 4 AM when my insomnia drives me insane.

Best wishes and ice cream sundaes.

spread your wings said...

i want you to know i will pray for you. i am sorry that i missed so many of your posts. i am just now trying to catch up a tiny bit and clicked on this one post and felt i had missed something very important in, you, my friends life. please if there is any way that i can help i hope you will call on me.
you are so right about the blogging friends. in fact just the other day i was thinking how i really do consider every one of you a true friend and like Holly above said, there is less judgement here online and that feels good and comforting.