hodge podge

oh, boy.
so much to say.
i will try to do this quickly.

i wanted to play along in
sandy's "100" theme day of posts––
which i was supposed to do yesterday––
but under the circumstances,
i did not get around to it until today.

but that's okay,
because i got an e-mail this morning
from a new blog friend
with these words
that went perfectly with the "100" theme
and with the photo i took in chicago last saturday...

she said to me,
{about her experience of losing an account}
"i decided to just open my heart and me
to all the amazing doors that can open in front of me.
and that sometimes loosing a job is a great way
to open 100 new ones
and to find a better balance and be happier."

so here is to a hundred new doors opening.
doors that are sometimes where you would least expect them.

i will personally respond
to every single one of you who reached out.
i will spend the day doing it if i have to.
you all were so very kind.

i knew i just could not stay away from my blog or from reading yours.
it was already a source of therapy, and now it really is that.
so i decided not to take a break from it,
and some of you told me the same, as did my husband.
{that didn't last long, hah?}
i'll be catching up with you all today and tomorrow.

~ ~ ~

i have actually had several pictures sitting around on my hard drive
just waiting for their turn to be posted...
several that i had added inspirations words to {the i way i like to do}.
many were perfect for this day and this post.
so... here they are.
a message to myself {and to you, if you need it}

i put this shot in because it reminded me how your words and kindness have a ripple effect.
a bit like that milk and honey i was talking about a couple of days ago.

i put this one in for you, too.
this is me singing to you... singing a tune of gratefulness.
{okay, now i'm just getting cheesy... hahaha... but i really wanted to add this photo.}

... just a few drive-by shootings that made me happy.

~ ~ ~

and below... more pictures of my sister's place... a place i could sure use a retreat to right now,
but i'm happy to be right here at home, too.
{the bright side is i'm not all by my lonesome during the day anymore.}
these are all of her guest bedroom again... where i spend most of my time when i'm visiting.
{sorry—you must be sick of the guest room.
i promise i will put different rooms up next time.}

her chihuahua {blanco},
who i like to call blancito,
makes me happy 'cause he's so darn cute.

this is my sis sleeping in my guest bed!
hey, what's up with that?
really she's just resting in the morning
while i sit on the couch next to the bed surfing through blogs on her laptop,
or while i run around taking pictures of her place.

~ ~ ~

some of you may not follow my jorjah-b blog,
so you may not know what good news i announced yesterday.
go here if you want to see it.

and speaking of that news,
here is one last photo.
the words i added say it all... so i think that's a good place to end this post.

hugs to you!


Anonymous said...

i love the 100 doors opening.. things do seems to happen for reasons and new possibilities often present themselves... you have a great outlook and attitude to life. great photos and that bed is to die for.. love the reflect image too. wishing you love and happiness and great sucess with your etsy store... how exciting!
ginny x

Angie said...

Thank you for the gift you give me everyday-your photos and beautiful thoughts!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

You are so positive, and so talented! I am so glad you have this out look of 1 door closing with 100 opening, because that is what is happening here! I am so happy to read this newest post. And I just read your other blog for the first time, and I am so excited for you!
Sending big hugs!

Alicia said...

You are amazing! What a post! I love your outlook... and the photo that storms will pass, is beautiful and amazing.

Claire said...

this post sings to me g!


Caroline said...

Oh my what a beautiful and inspiring post! I love the door you posted. Doors tend to pop up in strange places don't they? I too am getting ready for dreams and other hopeful things...

Here's to dreams coming true!

joyce said...

I love the doors too. There's a song by Nickleback that was in my head when I lost my job...I can't remember the exact words right now..but something about every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

And I have to ask..what program do you use to get your text in the photos like that?

georgia b. said...

joyce, i use photoshop. do you have it? i think there are other ways to do it, too i think, but i'm not sure what they are.

apriliniowa said...

1) These are all so beautiful. 2) I think I forgot to comment on your Etsy store but am so excited for you nonetheless. (maybe I sent you an email saying that...I'm so scattered brained lately...the lack of sleep issue methinks!) 3) Your sister's guest bedroom is gorgeous! I love that blue headboard and am now curious to see the rest of her apartment. I've never had a safe place to go and rest and be at ease other than my own home and am always wishing I had a family member that had a restful home where I could always be welcome. And was lovely, to boot! Ah, to have a sister or a wealthy eccentric aunt that would cook me mussels marinara and have a cellar full of pinot noir! :)
With that, love the words as usual. And those picket fences. Keep dreaming big.

Char said...

i never get tired of sister tales because i'm so very close to mine. may 100 doors open and 100 more...there is no limit to possibilities

elk said...

georgia ~this post is so full of good and wonderful ideas with a lot of beauty ...and a slice of cheese...
mixed in. thank you for being here...you help others without even realizing it I am sure of that!

alissa said...

im glad you're not taking a break - its amazing how theraputic this can be!
love the 100 new doors - its so true. when all is said and done this may be such a significantly wonderful thing to have happened - even if it takes a little while to turn out that way.

HLiza said...

Glad that your spirit has somehow returns..and good luck for that Etsy shop..I knew it there's something in you. And thanks too for your nice words on my blog. Georgia..one thing I learn from blogging is you'll get pleasure by giving and not expecting anything in return. Don't be sorry for not visiting me often, okay.

shilvia said...

georgia, you're unbelievably positive!!! i salute you for that, and that is definetely one contagious attitude :) i love the red door...right behind you for getting ready with all dreams and other hopeful things!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the door and actually all the photos...the bird, the last photo, everything. Congrats on the Etsy store, I can't wait to check it out! Your positivity will help you reap great rewards, I'm sure. Wishing you much success, Georgia.

margie said...

oh georgia, their can sometimes be a blessing in a new door. hugs to you.

Liss said...

Where do I start.
First: I love, love, love the red dress hanging on the white wall.

2nd: I think I could spend a week in your sister guest room with no interruptions.

3rd: The red door symbolizes your situation perfectly. Have faith you are only a step or 2 away from new opportunities but only you can take those steps.

Cabbage Babble said...


Thanks so much for your kind words. I am sorry I don't comment much, I'm so busy with work and playing music and setting up my blog that I forget sometimes. I'm sorry about that. But do know that I appreciate you stopping in, always, and I wish the best for you and the hubby. Your posts always make me smile and I can't wait for us to sit and have a cup of tea together, either in Nashville or Illinois. Cheers and best of luck with everything!

georgia b. said...

oh, thank you sweet rachel.
i hope you did not think i was complaining when i said you do not leave comments here much. in fact, i was actually saying the opposite—how the fact that you don't often makes when you do that much more cherished. i know you are a busy gal. your blog is so full of awesome "stuff" that i can not imagine how you would have the time to visit other blogs, much less comment on them. and trust me, your frequent links to my blogs on yours is something that makes me feel more honored than a comment does. still, i appreciate you comments. so i just wanted to say thank you. especially because i know how busy you are, and so it meant more to know you took the time to stop and leave one regarding the bad news we got. you are a gem. i, too, can not wait to sit and have tea. hugs. g.

~Hurricane B~ said...

Do you mind if I do the 100 themed thing? It would be lovely since I have been so crazy busy with school and doing the custody thing...but yet that way I can still post. I mean not sure if I will do it, but I do not want to just flat out copy you without...well warning ya?? hahah make sense.

See, just one more reason why I KNOW you are so kind, you are going to thank people, who like me probally do not care if you do.=)

That reflection picture is darling.

georgia b. said...

bridge., go to sandy's blog to see more about the 100 theme post. she started it. :)

that's where i got the idea and it's why i did a post to participate.

beth said...

oh you are loved sweet girl....

Kristin said...

I have to believe that someone as pure of heart as you has a fabulous opportunity just around the corner!

iva yaneva said...

that bed is fabulous!
I fell in love with the title of your blog, is like my own words :)

have a lovely day!