milk and honey

did you know that your words can be

milk and honey to someone's soul?

i learned so on this morning, very early.

upon rising to make a real
warm milk and honey sleep elixir,

i received an even better one

in the form of an e-mail.

in the form of a friend.

now i am going to sleep.

{do you have milk and honey that you need to give to someone today? a friend perhaps? don't wait. they may be waiting upon it to sleep. speaking of friends, at four in the morning i read a very good post about friendship. i think everyone should read it––any who need friends and want to be a friend. lastly, if you have not seen the post below, go see what news i've told about my oldest friend.}


Claire said...

if i was there i would be give you a very big hug.

sleep peacefully.

all my love,

Hi Kooky said...

Thanks for linking to that "friendship" post. I know what you're talking about. At this point in my life, I've learned to trust my intuition, and I've learned to go slowly. Very slowly. Because while I'm figuring out whether the other person is someone I can trust, I'm also figuring out whether I want to commit to them. Once I really, really decide to be an inner circle friend with someone, the deal is done. It would take something completely crazy and unexpected for me to renege on the deal.

Anyway, going slowly, and using discretion, means my inner circle isn't that big. Sometimes I need someone to share a heart issue with, and maybe they're just not here - in the same city or time zone. I talk to God instead, or just wait. I've waited a lot.

The other day I was cursing (not literally) the fact that I'm this way, that I'm an introvert. I know God doesn't plan these things willy-nilly, but sometimes it's just plain hard. I was wishing I was one of those super outgoing people who always has a million friends to call on. Well, not so. I may not have tons of friends to call on, but the friends I have can know that they have my heart - I'm there for them. I need to work on calling on them too, I guess.

Well, this is a REALLY long post! I feel for you. Hang in there, it's not fun, but it's necessary and you'll go forward with a different perception that allows you to get more of what you want. I can tell you're a loyal friend.

And have a great day!

Caroline said...

Although I have moved from my friends...we are still connected (thankfully with facebook and cell phones...lol). My friends are milk & honey to me. I don't believe in "frenimies." I have a handful of dear old friends that have been there for me through the good and the bad. There really is nothing better...

Elaina M. Avalos said...

I love the milk and honey word picture. It's so true that we can be that to our friends. I don't think we think often enough about the impact we have and how what we say has on others (the positive or the negative). I'm a firm believer that words can be that soothing balm, that healing touch which is part of why I write. Thanks for the word picture and for linking to my post. :)

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Oops! Please excuse my mangled comment. Haha! I was up way too late last night and still feeling the effects. :)

georgia b. said...

thank you for writing that post, elaina. i knew what it meant to me, so i knew what it would mean to others.

Char said...

it's a beautiful thing friendship and it's funny I have some friends that I never hear from - but I know they're there, waiting to come to my aid if I need them. Sometimes I know I need to be a better friend, instead of waiting to be asked. I need this reminder. I've held on to some stuff this year that maybe I should just let go.

e.o.w. said...

Such an important post... I once took a class entirely devoted to the ethics of friendship and was amazed when I realized how many of the classics have devoted their lives to the subject--it's so little discussed now! At least not with such sincerity and thought... I'm really happy to find bloggers writing on the subject and I've thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thank you Georgia!

alissa said...

this is beautiful- milk and honey is a perfect tie.
my best friend snorts when she laughs too :)

Liss said...

Hey, I’m at work and shouldn’t really be blogging but I had to read that blog post you directed me to. How true was everything she said. I left her a long comment but not as long as yours LOL!. I totally relate. What I didn’t say in my friendship post was that I had to cull a few friends after my divorce as they delighted in spreading rumours and then denied them to my face. Some people like to kick you when you’re down because they are unhappy with their own lives and it is to harder for them to make their lives better so they rejoice when others fail.
My advice to you is, you know in your gut feeling if someone is not being a friend, just distance your self from them unless they have done something terribly wrong and you need to make a stand. Remember that people who have proven them selves not to be true need no explanation of your actions.

Friends offer advice but never tell you what to do or force their opinions on you. Friends also support and stand by your decision even if they don’t agree with it. Friends don’t judge because they know the real you.

Realistically though we need to remember that not everyone is going to be a best friends so we shouldn’t hold high expatiations on people you haven’t know for a long time.

Woops I better do some work now. I’ll offer Mary a big blogging welcome when I get home for work tonight. That way I can give her the attention she deserves.

Love ya

Grey Street Girl said...

*hugs!* I love the friendship blog. I have such a hard time making friends and it's so important to have good ones in your life. This has inspired me to be a better friend!

apriliniowa said...

I have one very dear and very old friend. This milk and honey photograph reminds me so much of her. I like how you softened the photograph after a night of not sleeping. Very soothing.

Alicia said...

thanks georgia for linking to the post on friendship. made me really think about friendships i have and the ones i'm trying to make. it's been an interesting year for friendship for me, moving away from the best of friends last summer, and attempting to make new ones, trying to even remember how to do it again... from scratch. reading that post inspired me to send a few sweet notes to my favorite friends to remind them what they mean to me... so thank you, for sharing the link, for spreading the inspiring words.

elk said...

the milk and honey is a super metaphor..such poetry...friendship is not an easy part of life at times...or it CAN be the easiest of things...it ebbs and flows...elk

Oliag said...

This is such a beautiful post Georgia...and the link really struck a note with me...I really am terrible at keeping in touch with friends and should do more of it...love the photo that illustrates this post so well:)

shilvia said...

reading this...it gets me all warm and fuzzy!!!thank you for such a sweet reminder on the simple things yet so very important in life :)