welcome, mary

this is my friend mary.
i've written about her before.
she is my oldest friend.
she sometimes snorts when she laughs.
in my eyes, she is the epitome of the confidence
i spoke of yesterday.
she holds her head high.
she celebrates herself.
she celebrates me.
she makes me want to hold my head high, too.
she loves God and tells people why.
she is a wonderful cook—
i've never had anything she made
that wasn't delicious!
she is a very good mom.
she is a model of forgiveness in my life.
she was next to me when i flubbed up royally.
she did not judge me.
she helped me through my very darkest time.
she is a photographer—a good one
and she decided to make it a living.
she LOVES nature.
she loves to laugh and make others laugh.


it's called beauty 2 behold—
which is also the name of her business.

you'll want to visit if you like honest writing
that is quiet, soft and thoughtful.
i appreciate her gift to write this way.
she is just saying it like it is.
no need to be fancy.
it's just mary.

welcome, mary.


elk said...

you have introduced her well, friends like this are very important in life!

Caroline said...

Beautiful introduction...can't wait to visit her blog!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Mary! Blogging is so fulfilling, I think. I just looked at her blog, very lovely.

~Hurricane B~ said...

That is fantastic, the way you introduced her. So very sweet.


Beauty 2 Behold said...

Oh Georgia...I literally have tears in my eyes. Your friends are right when they say "beautiful introduction" of what you wrote about me. (Thank you, to your dear friends.) I don't deserve these words. But I will receive them...gladly. You just filled my little tank up. My heart has been heavy...and you brought it joy. I wonder about life's purpose...and you reminded me. I am undeserved of your love and friendship...yet God placed you in my life. I look forward to writing about this in my blog soon. Watch for it, my friend. Now, will you please tell your bloggers the TRUTH about me?? :) I love you dear, Georgia!

And dear bloggers, thank you for your kind words - a couple of you brought tears to my eyes...I didn't know that was possible with people I have never met. Love to you all.

e.o.w. said...

Many smiles of Welcome to Mary!

Sandy K. said...

Georgia, you have truly written a wonderful introduction to your friend. Your relationship is special and it sounds as if you are both nurturing it. Kudos. The more the merrier!

Liss said...
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EnnythingGoes said...

she's your oldest friend? she carries her age well!