thank you + a link to in the sand

there were just two people i could not personally thank for all the thoughtful words and wishes sent my way. so i will thank them here.

kamana and joyce, since i do not have your e-mail addresses and i can not comment on your blogs {which is the fault of my computer, not your blog}, i could not say thank you. but i say it now. thank you so much for your encouragement.

once again, thank you to everyone. i have felt so supported and uplifted over the past three days. i got around to thanking each of you. now i just have to get around to visiting all of your blog posts that i have missed over the past few days.

it might not be until tonight, because my best friend is coming over at noon to model some of my vintage things that i want to sell in my shop. i have to hurry and get some things back on the site, because my sweet sister bought my one and only item that was listed––a vintage pin. {below}

speaking of her, some of you may know that my sister is also a photography lover and a fan of taking pictures. she was doing it long before me, and i really admire her photos. which is why i get so upset with her when i go to her house and look at her beautiful work on her computer. i "yell" at her to start posting more pictures on her blog. she is not a blogging addict like me. {hehehe}

she works full-time and then some and therefore does not have quite the same free time, so i have to give her some leeway. however, i always encourage her to at least post one photo a week. she has hundreds on her hard drive, and they are far too good to sit there unseen.

i'm so pleased that she has recently begun to post some photos again. and she also changed her blog name from "angel cake" to in the sand. so i'm plugging her little space––without her permission, of course. you were all so kind to go welcome my friend mary to blogging. although angela's blog is not new, it's like her blog has a new lease on life.

so i would encourage you to do the same for her. go check out her photos. trust me. they are very inspiring. then when you are there, yell at her too. not really. but please tell her to keep it up, 'cause we'd like to see more, more, more.

have a blessed thursday.

{photo caption: the clouds in this photo begged to be photographed! i loved the yin-yang-esque shape that happened to form. it only lasted about a minute, as the clouds were ever changing. i had to act quick to get the shot.}


Char said...

I will be sure to check her out. hope you have a great day with your friend.

angel cake said...

that cloud looks like one of those curly waves. like it's trying to hook on to the sky. that's going to be an never ending effort!

thanks for the publicity!

apriliniowa said...

Your sister has the two most beautiful pets ever! I want a troupe of white pets now. Or maybe just steal her dog because it has the biggest most compassionate eyes I've ever seen. Seal eyes.
...& I apparently need to watch the clouds more often. I've never seen a cloud form that shape before...
With that, I hope you're having a good night. I'll have to follow your sister's blog as well. :)

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

I will definitely go check out her blog and leave encouraging words.
I am so excited for you and your new leaf, your new shop!
I wanted to tell you there is also a free site called Artfire, you can see the store link on my blog. You can get a basic account and it is COMPLETELY FREE! No charge to sell!So that maybe another idea. I have never advertised my tiny store. I mainly use my website.

shilvia said...

love love love clouds...and off to check your link...

Liss said...

I want to see what else you have in your shop that pin is so cute.

Sandy K. said...

I must say it's good to hear you so chipper today:). Your vintage pin is great and a photo shoot is good for the soul:). I'm working on a fun one, myself, which I came upon by accident. More on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend.

elk said...

at dusk I thought of you and hopped you were ok