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rather than retype what i wrote on my jorjah-b blog, i just copied and pasted it below.

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happy monday!
i'm not sure why, but my wireless internet
has been woefully slow since i got it.
and for some reason, it's slower than usual lately.
when one of my friends was over
and we were on the computer together,
she said my internet speed was slower than dial-up!

i've been on the phone with my provider for days
trying to get to the bottom of why it's slow,
but to no avail for some reason.
i hope it is resolved today or tomorrow.
if it does not get resolved soon,
i'll be switching to dsl.

anyway, i apologize for my absence.
i've been posting less because of it
{which is also the reason i have not
added all my vintage things to my etsy shop},
and i've been visiting other blogs
even more scarcely because it's that slow.
many of you have continually stopped by,
even though i have not had the opportunity
to reciprocate that gesture right now.
i thank you for that.

i'm curious.
do you have dsl or wireless?
are you happy with your service?

well, i hope you all do have fast service.
this slow stuff is for the birds.
especially if you are paying a lot of money.

and i hope you have a great week ahead!
• • • • • • • • •
i enjoy posting here more than anywhere, so i have still tried to put as much as i can on this blog. but between being busy painting, job-searching and my slow internet, i have drastically cut down on my blog reading. i'm discovering new blogs all the time, and more and more readers are discovering mine. i wish that i could daily visit each and every one. but i am finding it is just not possible—even if i had fast internet.

what's your take? how do you prioritize or schedule you blog time? it definitely requires a balance. so i'd love to know how others handle it.


Dani said...

balance between life and blog? well, i do try to blog in the morning. but staying at home with the kids, i get pretty mind bored throughout the day...so i wonder onto blogspot a lot. i try to think about my posts a day ahead and then write about them that night after the kids go to bed and post them in the morning or sometimes i write while the kids are watching their morning cartoons. i think that blogging is addictive and can be consuming, but there's also a time and place for everything...so i've found that if i post too much i wear my mind thin. then when i miss it enough, i have lots to talk about. distance makes my heart grow fonder of blogging, sometimes.

Char said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm, usually I try to catch up with all my favorites when I get up in the morning while I have my breakfast (the advantage of laptops). I blog mostly when the mood strikes me - nothing set about that.

elk said...

this is what I do:
.i replaced mindless TV with blogs which i enjoy much more!
.only comment on blogs that will comment on mine, i like the give and take/friendship
.choose mostly photo blogs because those appeal to me more
. use a reader so it is faster

and there are times that I do not prioritize well at all....like now..bye off to make dinner..wink

Kristin said...

With a one year old getting into everything, I just get to it when I can. I try to reciprocate comments daily if I can. I have wireless and don't have any complaints as of yet. How's the shop coming along?

Anonymous said...

I have wireless. That way both Tony and I can be on our respective laptops at the same time. It's fun...like the old Siskel and Ebert ibtro...both of us pounding away on our typewriters...doing stuff separately but together physically. Plus with wireless and a laptop, you can go outside and still have access.

Like elk, I watch very little tv and substitute the internet for it...blogs and a couple of photo forums, mostly. I used to post daily but since I prefer to post with photos, and usually a series of them, I don't have enough to post daily so I now usually post every other day. On the days I'm not posting, I read my regular blogs/comment on them and then throw in a few of my intermittent blogs which sometimes then become regulars. On my blogging days, I still usually visit a few other blogs if I have time. I blog at night because of work, except on the weekends when I'm somewhat addicted.

Also like elk (I'm a copycat), I prefer to read/comment on blogs that come to mine in return. It doesn't have to be a daily back and forth but fairly regularly. And I also prefer blogs that use photos because I love photography and it's also just more visually interesting. A few of my regular blogs are photoblogs only, no writing,so I can whip through them pretty quickly. Sometimes, I just photoblog with basically no writing but it's usually both.

Lately, a lot of my regulars seem to be blogcationing so it's getting easier and easier to keep up so I usually try out a few new ones that I find commenting on the blogs I read. But...one does feel guilty sometimes for not "keeping up" and that can add pressure to our lives and defeat the fun of blogging. I haven't experienced a burnout yet but I suppose it may happen.

Hope you get the internet issue resolved and then all the others, too :)

alissa said...

booo to internet troubles! we have wireless and have (knock on wood) not had any issues.
blogging... i agree with the others that blogging has replaced a big chunk of my tv time. typically during the week i make any blogger that has commented on mine a priority - i make sure to visit all of theirs.
the weekends are when i usually take a few lazy sunday morning hours and go through some of my other favorites and try to check out some new ones.
its a time consuming habit isnt it!?

Heather said...

Verizon Fios, here though I had to ask hubby since I didn't have a clue! seems to work speedy enough . . . you're asking a very interesting question about balance and deciding how to spend a finite amount of time on what seems like infinite opportunities to share and connect with other bloggers. I think the fascinating thing about the web is that you get to choose and create the community you want to contribute to. But choosing does mean that something is left unchosen. Ah, to have our cake and eat it too:)

~Hurricane B~ said...

It does start to feel like a pressure, that if you do not make a comment on every single person's blog that you are letting them down and then they will not come back to yours. I never expect comments just because I commented, I love it when I get them. Unlike you however, I only have 8 followers.=)

I love to read the blogs I read for many different reasons, photo inspiration, to help me mature in my fashion sense, or to just be envious of their shoes, for lovely uplifting poems, and then I have 3 friends that blog. So to keep up on their everyday lifes.

I have DSL, but it is a Belgian company and sometimes It gets as slow as dial up and others works super fast. I really hope that you get your internet fixed and soon too.

I try to read some in the morning and night, I have no set time for my actually blogging, except my photo blog with my friend. But that went from a weekly thing to life getting in the way and now we are behind.=) I do not watch a lot of TV, I miss Amercian TV sometimes, but I feel playing games, reading or writing emails is just a better way to use my time.

Plus my husband and I got into the habit of getting the shows we love on DVD and making our own showtimes. We watch one or two espisodes a night. Then when down get another show or the next season.=)

Okay I am done with this essay I left on your comments. Have great day dear.

~Hurricane B~ said...
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spread your wings said...

You are one of my favorites Georgia but I understand your dilemma. You have so many followers it must be difficult to read much less comment on all of them.
This is sort of my take on it - my process is not regimented.
and for the most part i feel exactly like maccandace

i enjoy reading blogs throughout the day (being at a computer all day long) even though I am at work I can have a post up to the side and read as time allows.
I try to comment on my little group of friends that are supportive of me because I like the give and take and love the friendships i have made. (I have tried numerous times to befriend certain bloggers - there are so many interesting people out there and I would like to branch out a little, but if they have no interest in mine I usually stop commenting on theirs.) So basically I have about 20 online friends and enjoy reading and commenting on those alone. I can't say I am always consistent (to posting or commenting) but I try. There are times my work load doesn't allow it and I get home late never getting a chance to visit those I adore.

sorry that got so long and drawn out.

you're the best!

Oliag said...

...too many blogs and not enough time! I'm afraid I don't prioritize well at all and will often find myself still in my pjs at noon and traveling from link to link to link...I do more reading than commenting because I can't always think of something to say:)...that's also why my blog is mostly pictures and few words...

I'm embarrased to say that I don't know the difference between dsl and wireless...I just turn on the computer and call to my husband if something isn't working...so I have no input there!

Anonymous said...

hi georgia,
i usually blog in the evening instead of watching tv... but i often blog in the day too... i spend too long sometimes when i am at home all day alone... i do love to chat and connect.. someone on their blog (forget who)described blogging as being like the chat one gets from being in the office for those folk who work from home... obviously it is so much more than that as i have discovered so many inspirational sites and ones who i just think... 'i get that'... in a reaffirming sort of way.
i find balance hard in all aspects of life... sometimes i do it well but most of the time terribly... it is something i am working on...
i am chilled out about comments and replying and appreciate others find it hard to keep on top too... i think a gentle approach that keeps us connected but that still retains enjoyment rather than becoming stressful or duty bound is the ideal....i love visiting here and however often or not you post i shall still pop by...
hope the job hunting is going well,
warm wishes to you
ginny x

Alicia said...

ooomigosh... i have had no time for blogging this week... it's kind of stressful, knowing that my reader is packed with hundreds of unread posts! i think over the next few weeks, i am going to try to prioritize the ones i absolutely love to follow and then put the others towards the bottom, so when/if i get time, i can read them... and so i can also have easy access to the ones i "must" keep following :) ...