synonymous : texture

it's tuesday, which means it's time for a synophotography post. last week, i chose the word texture.

above is my synophotograph. {well, actually two synophotographs--i could not decide which one to use, so i put them both in.}

if you don't know what synophotography is all about, you can click here to read about it. or you can click here to see all previous synophotography posts.

feel free to join us. post a photo that is all about texture or any synonym of the word. if you do, let us know, and we will post a link to yours, too.

i await my sister's posts for last week's and today's synonymous photos and will link to them when they are posted. i also await her choice for a word for the next round of synophotography.

{this photo was also chosen in response to the post on shutter sisters today, which i encourage you to go read. it came at a good time for me. along with my photo, i thought i'd add this quote.
“when i'm not afraid to fail, i wont. when i'm not afraid to fall down, falling down won't feel like failure. i have fallen down enough to get more comfortable with it, to know how productive it can be, how necessary it is to growth. still, when i sense the ground beneath me giving way, i have to remind myself that it's OK if i falter. i have to remind myself that it's more than OK!”

~jan denise
i took this photo while walking around chicago during my last photowalk/photoshoot. the ground at buckingham fountain was sparkling in the sun, and i wondered, "how might this pavement look photographed?" so i held the camera close to the ground and focused about halfway into the depth of what was in view, and then i clicked away. now i know how it looks photographed. i think it looks pretty darn cool. i love the way it focused. blur. focus. blur. it's kind of cool how the camera can do that, because that is not at all how my eyes saw it. i love that the camera can do things that our eyes can't—giving us a new perspective on things.}


Oliag said...

If I had to chose between the two I would chose the second...both are perfect illustrations of texture and of your wonderful quote:)

Char said...

it creates a lovely tilt shift. I like the texture

georgia b. said...

is that what that's called, char? i knew there was a name for it, but i did not know what it was. :)

Liss said...

Hi, I've just popped over to let you know I'm still reading and around. I've been busy out out of blog land for a little while.

I missing everyone and trying to play catch up.

apriliniowa said...

Looks like diamonds and dust!