o, simple thing

i love how the moon is simple.
in shape.
in color.
it need not woo me with flowery speech.
it does not pretend.
the moon.
like my friends.
down to earth.


Dani said...

the moon looks simple to us, but i think it's actually really complicated. with that whole gravity thing...how does that work? and then we also get to see it's face sometimes and isn't that curious? he looks like he has bugged out eyes and a cheerio mouth. maybe he's surprised to see to see us the way we are too.

georgia b. said...

ah, yes dani. thank you for furthering my point. in reality, the moon is very complicate, as i know are my friends and myself. what i appreciate about the moon is the simplicity of how it appears and shows itself in the sky. there is no grand loud moving flowery display. it's just there. it moves slowly. quietly. softly. it does not wave around. yet it does moving things. it effects the tides. it refracts the light of the sun. it's a great thing. but it's simple in its beauty and did not need to woo me to like it. i like it just the way it is. yes, held by gravity. just like us. thus my play on words. a heavenly body that is "down to earth". like my friends.

georgia b. said...

like you.

Char said...

I talk to the moon often and tell it all my hopes and dreams. It listens silently, quietly, with peace and calm and tells me it will be okay.

Just like you.

Sandy K. said...

I feel as if I've missed weeks of conversations, and many changes. I love you blog header, and love the moon photo. The ensuing conversation about simplicity and complexity is also perfect. As I continue my journey across the U.S., this is true for me as well. There is so much to see, and it's still "home."

Liss said...

It looks like a lonely polka dot on a blue dress and just as pretty.

home live said...

i like the moons