a pretty sight and some other stuff

i found this to be a stunning, beautiful sight as i drove home from my mother's house on thursday evening. i pulled the car off to the side of the road to get it on camera. other than the white border added, this is a s.o.o.c. shot. it's funny how the perfect lighting of a setting sun will make a picture just right—no adjustments needed.

i have many more from this drive. and none of them are blurry for a change, because i actually stopped and got out. i'll trickle them in here and there. but i really need to get back to my florida pictures, too. it's been such a long time since i posted some of those.

it's a hot summer day here. finally. i've heard from my internet provider {who shall remain nameless for now}. they waited a week to call me just to say that their network team was still looking into my slow speeds and frequent disconncetions. oh, thanks! that helps. i'm growing quite frustrated. it has been a month since i first inquired about it. two weeks since i put my foot down and said i want them to look into it.

and if you've been wondering about the job prospect, i spoke to someone who said my resume will be reviewed in the second round of reviews and that i would get feedback either way. so, i will cross my fingers and hold my breath and wait.

well, hopefully you are surviving the heat if it's hot where you are, too. have a grand sunday.


home live said...

beauty land

Char said...

the hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise are the perfect hours for photography. beautiful melon colored light.

this is just a gorgeous shot composition wise - beautiful job.

Caroline said...

I love barns! I shot a few good ones on vacation. I love this shot...perfect. You are right about lighting...sometimes it's perfect and nothing needs to be manipulated. Love that!

Meri said...

Happy to hear that there are some job possibilities -- that's good news.

georgia b. said...

oh, thank you miss char. i was thinking that the composition might be a little on the boring side, but it was the colors that wowed me in this photo. but now i like it more if you say the composition is good. :)

beth said...

love love love this photo...
and oh lord...thank you for giving us such perfect light on our summer days here in the midwest !

and you missy....I adore !
my inbox was flooded by all your love yesterday and a smile is still on my face today !!

elk said...

oh the greens in this picture mixed with the white/silver ...so stunning ...clean and fresh!

thank you for your sweet comments...i am frustrated for you and also keeping mu=y fingers crossed

Liss said...

You made it to the second round that is promising.

Beautiful photo, it would have been a beautiful sight to see this one pop up on your computer screen for the first time.

I hope you internet speed improves.

you have been blogging a lot, I trying to catch up with all your post.
Sorry I have been a little aloof. I really enjoy your blog.