sepia panorama

part one of "enjoy the ride"

part two of "enjoy the ride"

part three of "enjoy the ride"

go here, and click on the play button in the top right corner to hear a piece by duke ellington that is titled the same as this post.

{almost done with the ken burns jazz series. trying to finish by monday for a very special reason {{which i will share on... well, monday}}. sorry for more sepia and more train shots. i obviously can't get enough of them lately. and it's funny, because these have all been sitting on my external drive for months. have wanted to post them, but i think i was overwhelmed as to where to begin--i took almost a thousand photos that day. in one train ride! silly me. they are not "good" pictures, but i love love love them--oh, not to toot my own horn. i just mean that i love movement and drive-by shots {{although, technically i was not driving}} and trains and sepia. so i'm just in this mode right now. there may be more. or maybe i'll switch to something else soon. sometimes i just get in a groove and stick with it for a while. i'm rambling, aren't i? well, like this triple set says... enjoy!}


Anonymous said...

I like sepia, too. I should do it more. And I like trains, too, but don't see too many around here. Only time I ride a train is when I'm visiting Chicago and take the CTA. Although there is a train up north that goes on a scenic, touristy trip that is pretty fun. Maybe we'll do that again this fall. 1,000 shots on one train ride, holy cow. If I take 50 shots at one time, I think that's a lot.

Hey, not to try to get you to come to my blog but my post today, "Back in Time" shows a cool technique for making your photos look like old, faded newspaper clippings. It's totally simple and quick. I thought of you, actually, when I did it. It uses an online generator.

Eager to hear your Monday surprise.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I dig the train pictures. I think they're pretty cool. And the sepia is a great added effect. I don't mind them. ^^

P.S. Jazz is boss.

Char said...

funny, I don't like sephia really but you make it look beautiful. maybe because most of the other shots i've seen take it to far (the wild wild west look). these are beautiful.

apriliniowa said...

The Ellington song paired with the train shots reminds me of Woody Allen's older films. Love it!

Chris said...


Oliag said...

Thanks for this link to Duke Ellington's music! Not only do I love this music but the title! I'm saving this one:)

Kara!!! said...

I love all the text you incorporate into your pics - I would love to start experimenting with this idea :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, kara! it's fun for me, because i get to incorporate one of my favorite graphic design love -- typography -- into my photography and practice graphic design. i'm not the best designer, but it's fun to play!