sooc sunday

i have not done macro monday for a while, but i still would like to get back to that in the near future, as i really love to take macro photography.

but i decided to start another little day-of-the-week series. this time it's sooc sunday {or s.o.o.c. sunday}. for those of you who don't know what s.o.o.c. stands for, it is the acronym for "straight out of camera"—a type of photo that is... well, just that—straight from the camera to my blog. this one i did open in photoshop just so i could add the type—another thing i LOVE to do. but i did not enhance the color or contrast or brightness in any way. nor did i do any other fancy photoshop tricks to it.

it just so happens that the last time i posted an s.o.o.c. shot was two weeks ago on a sunday. so i thought i would just make it a day-of-the-week thing.

every once in a while i get shots that don't need enhancement—miraculously. well, perhaps this one could use it. but i loved it just the way it is. i took it at night in a park after having taken several sunset pictures. i loved how the shot picked up some of the blue that was barely left in the sky after the sun had been down for a while. the bright greens highlighted by the street light against that deep blue had me swooning over this photo. and the blur, as well.

i'm sure i won't post for sooc sunday every week. but when i do, i'll label/tag it, and it will become part of my sooc sunday button in the side column--which i still have yet to create. feel free to join me on sundays with one of your soocs. i'd love to see it! leave me a comment and/or link if you do.

{with that, i hope you had a wonderful end to your week. tomorrow is my "get ready for the big interview" day. than tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. is the interview. all prayers about that are more than welcome. in fact they are coveted. have a great week ahead!}


Char said...

:) I had that happen to me yesterday - I took some shots with the full intention of "playing" with them. They have resisted me at every turn.

:) I like SOOC Sunday

Anonymous said...

That's a cool shot, very vivid colors. My nighttime shots usually suck.

I'll pray that the job you're interviewing for is just what you wanted and that they think you're the perfect person to fill it.

beth said...

I'm throwing a pretty wrapped prayer your way right this minute...sorry about that just hitting you square in the back of your head {I suck at softball} but at least you know it's there :)

and sooc sundays makes me smile :)

Caroline said...

I think you should do a sooc Sunday...I would join ;)

Good luck on your interview!! Sending prayers your way :)

elk said...

one of my all time favorite songs...
i will pray that this job is a "fit" for you 1

spread your wings said...

good luck tomorrow morning.

great shot - straight out of the camera. : )

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh love the sooc idea (count me in, I have lots of these picture moments).

By the time I'm reading this your interview is long over with. Hope you did great by just being YOU. I know you get it, feel it in my guts.

Liss said...

this is a beautiful shot perfect amount of blur to set the mood of the night.

Oliag said...

Love this shot!