how good things can make a good day even "gooder"

things like... 
  • warm weather
  • an iced soy green tea latte

  • taking pictures 
  • the hubby cleaning the bathroom {and doing it even better than i would} 
  • the cutest little old man saying hello to me when i walked by as he sat by the open door of his very old furniture store that is straight out of the 1950s while the best 1930s music was playing over his speakers 
  • finding a chic and stylish neck-scarf at the second-hand store
  • feeling a sense of accomplishment from getting lots of things done over the past few days
  • running into a friend while walking around to take pictures downtown 
  • chatting with someone who makes me laugh 
  • receiving $100 from someone who said it can only be used for a day trip to the beach two states away, and if not used for that, it has to be given back {in other words, to ensure that it gets used for leisure and r&r—not used to pay a bill} 
  • wearing my favorite shoes
  • realizing i have a boatload of sweet banana peppers--a second crop that is three times as plentiful as the first—growing on the two plants i put in the ground last spring 
  • cutting off some stems of several plants from my herb garden so that i can dry them and send them to a friend who sent me some of his home-grown garlic 
  • discovering a new artist that i really like as a result of hearing one of her songs—call off the search by katie melua {have you heard it?} 

i'd say it's been a very good day! {look below... i kind of had a feeling it would be.}


Journeying Five said...

starbucks always make me happy and a husband cleaning is positively over the moon! happy beach planning!

Hi Kooky said...

Wow - what a great day indeed! I had a great day too - it's our 11th anniversary, and all we did was go shopping and have dinner this evening, but it was just so nice. (I scored 3 gorgeous scarves on clearance for $4.99 each!)

I like your shoes and the photo of the shoes too.

beth said...

miss you.....

Dani said...

yep. that sounds like a really good day!

Liss said...

Good this is a great day.... lap it all up girl as you deserve it.

Haphazardkat said...

Fantabulous! :D
I love the 100 dollar gift for your relaxation.
What a wonderful idea :)

apriliniowa said...

You've been a very busy bee. Love the scarf, love the shoes, and that's a friend, indeed, wishing you rest and leisure. I hope your weekend was sunny and bright. And I'm such a sucker for old men. Especially the ones that wink and open doors. And whistlers. I love me some old timers that whistle. :)

Sandy K. said...

And a fabulous day goes on:). There are definitely rainbows in the world - and you've captured yours for the day!

I will say, though, I'm not sure I'd drink anything that shade of green!

Jamie said...

mmmmm...i do love a iced soy green latte. sooo summer. your new scarf is super cute! i don't know how to wear them...i'm a little jealous. and you have banana peppers too!? lucky girl. can't wait to see the pictures of your $100 beach trip! what an awesome thing for a person to gift.