this day


partly sunny
partly cloudy
mostly hazy
...waiting... for me
beckoning me outside to take pictures
in my bare feet

"this day
is filling UP my room
is coming through my door.
i have not seen this day before."

{see the rest of the lyrics to this song here.}


Anonymous said...

This photo is nostalgically awesome. It has so much green in it. I love the blurriness. And it just reminds me of the past...

Sandy K. said...

Your photo actually reminds me that sometimes life is out-of-focus, and it takes a squeaky day, full of sunshine and life, to bring it in focus. Your poem is lovely and quirky and just right. Happy day!

Lisa said...

very very lovely.

this photograph seems like a memory.

love it.

spread your wings said...

have a great day!! in every way

Char said...

beautiful day! :)

Steve Gravano said...

Rainy here on Long Island, but your blog added some sun shine! I've got to try that focus thing, you do it so well.

apriliniowa said...

summer's last hurrah. you've turned a corner. corners are good for that. :)