sooc sunday {labor day edition}

you thought i'd forget, didn't you? well, here it is—my s.o.o.c. post for this sunday. since it's labor day weekend, and labor day is an american holiday, i guess that calls for some patriotic photos. not only are these photos intensely red {though an orangey red}, white and blue. they are also appropriate for the labor day holiday, as the subject in the photos is an old chicago work yard.

i'm not sure if it is actually still in use, and if so, i'm not sure what it is or was used for. but it is in a really neat and very old, run-down industrial area of chicago. i was there when i went on the photoshoot with my two photographer friends a few months ago. if it is still in use, it did not seem that way, as we were there on a sunday, and it seemed desolate and abandoned. the sun was starting to go down, and it was lighting up this red {almost orange} building in the most incredible way! no color enhancement needed on these photos. so i thought that they were perfect for straight-out-of-camera sunday—especially on this labor day weekend.

and if industrial is not your cup of tea, but frilly flowers are, here is another red {more pinkish red}, white and blue s.o.o.c. shot for you.

i took this one last wednesday just down the street from where i live. there is a little garden that occupies a triangular space created by the intersection of three streets. it's a tiny little "lot", and would not be large enough for a structure of any kind. so there is a little garden society that plants flowers there every year. i had so much fun walking down and photographing the flowers and the hundreds of bumble bees that were pollinating them. i knelt down and pointed the camera up with my super macro setting on for this shot.

i hope everyone is having a fabulous labor day weekend, unless you do not live in the united states. in that case, then i hope you are having just a fabulous weekend.


beth said...

wish I had been shooting with you....miss you !

Lisa Renata said...

these are all beautiful photos! I love them all...old building and flowers are my weakness. Well, flower win...you'll find a ton in my photos.

Char said...

miss you around. these are gorgeous. i posted a SOOC last week for you on Sunday to so I'm with you in spirit.

I need to do one today but I have a couple that are crying out for a pola processing too.

Journeying Five said...

love the work yard with the fence in focus.

apriliniowa said...

As always, love the blue blue skies and the clouds. And those brilliant (almost orange) buildings. But the fenceline being focused on in the foreground wins for me.

Lisa said...

these are fabulous. i love the industrial ones! haha. those clouds are stunning, as are the colors. i really love the close up on the fence with the buildings out of focus behind. very nice.