sweetheart tree

they say there's a tree in the forest,
a tree that will give you a sign;
come along with me,
to the sweetheart tree,
come and carve your name next to mine.

they say if you kiss the right sweetheart,
the one you've been waiting for,
big blossoms of white
will burst into sight
and your love will be true evermore.

music by henry mancini
lyrics by johnny mercer

{i forgot how much i love this song. it's from the movie we watched on sunday--the great race. {{by the way, sunday was so much fun! i'll write more about it later.}} natalie wood sings it so nicely in one of the scenes {{although i'm not 100% sure it is her actually singing, but i think it is.}} you can't help but fall in love with natalie's character {{miss maggie dubois}} in this movie, especially during scenes like this one. it's almost like how one feels about the lovely audrey hepburn as holly golightly in breakfast at tiffany's. they're both dolls! and they are both lucky enough to sing the ever-delightful and catchy tunes of mancini. he just never got it wrong with his music for films, did he?}

{i took these photos last spring. i know... not very appropriate for this time of year. but they went the best with my post, since they have white blossoms. i "vintagized" them for effect.}

{well, friends. it looks like i have some freelance work lined up through spring {{speaking of spring}}. it's so needed and so wanted. i know a lot of people have been praying for me. and for that i am very grateful, as am i for the work! this will cut into my blogging time, but you know what? that's quite okay. i'm so happy to have the work and to feel a sense of purpose for the day--to feel like i'm needed and wanted for my skills and expertise. yay, yay, yay!}

{happy wednesday!}


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh I'm so happy you are on the Happy Cloud. Stay there for the longest time.... Great great photo's if only my hubby and I could sit underneed it and carve our names..... Dagmar

Steve Gravano said...

Congrats pray does work A happy Wednesday indeed.

Hi Kooky said...

Congrats on the work!!

Haphazardkat said...

absolutely. beautiful.
Seriously frameable (is that a word?)

Jamie said...

HOORAY!! Congratulations on the gig! If you were here I'd high-five you and then make you a cup of tea. :) Guess what? I'm going to Chicago in February!! It's forever from now but I thought I'd let you know!

Char said...

Yay for the gig!!! congrats

love the shots

spread your wings said...

i am SO happy for you
love these photos - it's nice to be reminded of the beautiful spring blossoms and you're right so appropriate for the post.

elk said...

beauty in these images and in the being needed feelings! I am so glad for you!

Alicia said...

Congrats on the work! It's so fun to get back into it! (That would be why I've been missing from the blog scene lately!) Beautiful photos!!!

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Happy to hear about the freelance! Great news!

And...thhe photos are gorgeous.

kath said...

congratulations! I love the vintage feel of the photos..

beth said...

congrats to you !
freelance that little butt of yours right off !

maybe something full time will come of it, no ?