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i've been trying to play more lately. that is to say, i've been experimenting with my photos, taking even dull or boring shots into photoshop and playing with them until they become interesting or artistic {in my eyes, anyway}. it's been a good stretch for me to see that i can take a not so great photo, but still spice it up a little with some patience and creativity and knowledge of photoshop.

and it's putting to use my love for taking photos of things for their texture or color or light--not just their subject. those are the kind of photos that are the most fun to play around with. i'm trying to think a little outside the box and merge my love for photography and design.

i could play all day. it's endless what you can do.

i took this plain photo {above}, and played around with some effects to achieve a circular, dreamy look for my looking glass post last weekend. i ended up using a different version, but the image below is one of the ones i came up with.

i also took this "just okay" photo {below}...

and started playing around with it until i got this...

then this...

and finally this {which is my favorite one}.

like i said, i could do this all day. actually, some days i do. :)


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hihihi yes I'm hooked too with fooling around turning plane pics into the most stunning things. But what program do you use? I'm using flickr but it has not so many abilities.

ginny said...

fabulous.. i love these and i also love playing too. i have a very limited knowledge of photoshop so often i do not know how i achieve an end result but i too like you like to get to an image that pleases me. one of my favourite shots is an agapanthus which i altered/improved slightly and i love it... the original image was out of focus and could have easily been discarded but there was something about it i loved and to my eye with a little playing i feel i rescued it...
you can view it here
i would love to learn how to use layers so i could change certain parts of an image and keep the others the same. i think i need to do a wee course to learn this.

happy continued playing georgia!
with love
ginny x

Anonymous said...

it can get addictive, i find. but thoroughly enjoyable.

S. Etole said...

Love your results ... thanks for the inspiration.

Lisa said...

i really love this post! photoshop is a new toy for me, and i am soooo addicted!! it's soo much fun! i feel like it turns photography even more into an art that you can control. so. anyway.

i love how you edited the wheat one! and also, that last shot, too, the "play" one! very nice! love it! :)

i recently took a photoshop class and here are two books that the instructor recommended:

How to Cheat in Photoshop CS4 by Steve Caplin


The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for the Digital Photography by Scott Kelby

for anyone who may be interested in learning more about photoshop without having to take a class. he said he uses them all the time, and that's where he takes a lot of his lessons from! oh, and they also have them for the other versions of photoshop, for those who have earlier versions. anyway. just thought i'd throw that out there. ;)

very inspiring post!

Toni said...

It is fun to play. I find it very relaxing and it's easy to spend hours at it. Just like I have tonight getting caught up on all the posts that I've missed. So glad to read about your hubby's job. =)

:: elk :: said...

you are playful as always Georgia!