sooc sunday

wow! where did this sunday go? i just barely made this shot in on time to call it sooc sunday. but i did it. i took it on the way home from work on friday. the sky was so cool while i was driving, i could not help but click away. i know this is dangerous. i feel quite guilty when i do it. but you'll be happy to know i've scaled way back on taking shots while i drive.

anyway, i'm glad i got it. i loved how it turned out. and it made me smile when i discovered this photo yesterday by one of my favorite photographers--if not my favorite. her shot sort of reminded me of this one, and i like that she likes this kind of photo. i do too!

if you click on the image, you'll see it better and get a much better sense of what it is in this photo that appeals to me. {by the way, does anyone know how to widen the posting area so that the photos can be bigger? i'd kind of like to do that, but don't know how.}

anyway, i'm hoping you had a good weekend. i'll share some nature day pics this week.


~Hurricane B~ said...

Hello stranger... I am so sorry I have been absent lately, last 3 weeks have been crazy. I have to get a balance between school, work the kids, alone time with hubby and then my blogs, online time stuff.=) I have missed seeing your charming and lovely photos. So I will try to catch up with your posts. I hope things have been well.

S. Etole said...

love the creaminess and the colors in this ...

knitting said...

this is a very cool shot--so mysterious and surreal. great catch!

S. Etole said...

Back again - this is some info I received a while back on posting larger photos - maybe it will be helpful, I don't think the windows live writer is compatible with a Mac and I haven't tried the minima stretch yet: "I use the minima stretch template (blogger).

When I began blogging, I had a different, more "decorative" template. It would not allow larger photos. When someone mentioned minima stretch, I switched to that.

Another useful tool is Windows Live Writer. It makes composing so much easier than the one at blogger. It's a free download. You have lots of editing options and the ability to see your post, as it will appear, before publishing.

With Windows Live Writer, you are able to drag the photos to the size you want to use. When you publish, through Windows Live Writer, the post appears on your blog and on your edit page. There are options for scheduling posts, also.
Hope this helps!"

Lisa said...

really cool shot!