not much to say tonight.
feeling like i've been out of the "game" too long
making working again harder than i anticipated.
needing some mental, physical and emotional rest.
it's only tuesday?
oh, boy.

i better go to bed now.
good night.
sleep tight.


simply blogged said...

sleep well. sometimes you just need to call it a day.

P.S. The processing was using the curves.

Heather said...

hang in there!

apriliniowa said...

somehow, this reminded me of my son's favorite book when he was a toddler: "Goodnight Moon." :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Take a good rest. And thanks for sharing these fab photos. I can almost here the quitness....only the breeze going through the grass.

Tracy said...

Be resting well... Tomorrow's another day, Georgia :o)

kamana said...

poor you. i was feeling like that last week - in bed by 9:30, totally exhausted. hope tomorrow is a better day.

spread your wings said...

these images sure are soothing. hope you get good rest.

elk said...

you can do it georgia, but sleep is helpful....love the feel of these images!