madly falling {part five, part last}

still some "greenies" left in this shot.

then it boomed into the most
beautiful burst of yellows.

but as they always do,
all the leaves have fallen
and this tree is now bare.

well, the good news is, you won't have to see more autumn leaves photos around here any more. surely you are tired of them if i, myself, have begun to grow tired of them. but i enjoyed the run of color while it lasted. we had an especially vivid and beautiful fall this year. and in true "going out with a bang" fashion, the yellow maples in the empty lot next to my house held on to the very end. they are always among the last trees around to hang on to their glorious color.

we live in the second story of an older house, so the top half of this tree is what we see out our living room window -- not a street or anything else at street level. it's magnificent. for the past month, this is what greeted our eyes in the morning when the curtains were opened and what softened our evenings when the setting sun cast a glow through the leaves. so you can imagine why i am so sad to see them go.

now they blanket the walkway from our stairs in the back to the garage -- also quite lovely.

i told you... it's like a carpet of leaves back there. but not for long. the leaf removal crew will be hard at work this weekend. i'll miss the crunch and crackle of leaves beneath my feet.

it will be a long several months before new life starts to peek forth from the tips of branches that have recently become vacant. but when it does, my beautiful view returns again, only this time green and fresh and full of new life -- the year's first smile...

november, december, january, february, march, april... but who's counting? {sigh}

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margie said...

counting out the months of winter, why is it so long? why do we have to split our seasons into unfair segments. every single one should have three months and only three months. then get out of town and make way for the next guy.

Hi Kooky said...

The last photo is my favorite - beautiful textures! I know - the dark long winter is coming... will miss the color.

Heather said...

I also love the last photo -- looking down the wet stairs to the leaves. I keep thinking that I'd like to try to capture the way the wet leaves shine on the black asphalt. . . you wouldn't think that'd be pretty, but it is!

Meri said...

Not tired of the color yet and here a few leaves are hanging on despite last night's fierce winds.

Lisa said...

i've really loved this series, it's been beautiful! and i must say i've been living vicariously through your posts since we don't get a true fall here in these parts. it's funny, i've noticed a few trees trying to change colors, but they only end up getting a weird brownish-yellowish color. i wonder why this is? maybe it has something to do with the air here...i don't know! haha. but i have truly loved your fall posts and they've made me feel like i get to experience a little bit of changing seasons myself. :)

S. Etole said...

You see so much beauty, Georgia, and I am sure you spread beauty wherever you go.

Jaime said...

What a lovely thing to wake up to when you look out your window.

spread your wings said...

i love this photo. isn't the carpet of leaves so wonderful? i hate for them to be raked away.

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