power lines two

so dull and dark are the november days.
the lazy mist high up the evening curled,
and now the morn quite hides in smoke and haze;
the place we occupy seems all the world."

~john clare, november

my drive to work earlier this week was like a dream. i've never seen anything quite like it. the most beautiful haze was in the air, making for an incredible view as i drove into the sun. maybe the colors of fall are all gone, but if every morning in november looked like this, that would be alright with me!

i'm still smitten {don't think i'll ever stop being so} with power lines and such along the roads. i've posted so many photos of them on this blog, i decided to start labeling these posts "fascinated by power lines". there's just something about them that stimulates my senses like nothing else. call me crazy. you'd think it would be flowers or vintage bicycles or cute little puppies or something. but nope... it's power lines. don't know why. and don't care why, either. i just like 'em, and i'm glad to.

power lines one
i didn't even have to do anything to these images to give them their effect. the mood was all in the sky and my camera just happened to capture it well, i thought {especially for being driv-by shots} -- exactly like i would have hoped it would capture it.

hoping your november is off to a dreamy start. have a lovely weekend.


Steve Gravano said...

I'm partial to the last image. It could be the cover to a new Stephen King novel. I love the older electric lines that still have the glass insulators, back-lit, they remind me of jewels.

Hi Kooky said...

I love fog/haze too. It's nice to be jolted into seeing all the regular stuff in a new light. Isn't it amazing how the play of light can transform our mood?

beth said...

oh the last one is just perfect !

Jaime said...

and so is the first one!

Lisa said...

love these! so dreamy and hazy. :)