call it modern medicine if you must.
i call it a miracle.
and i witnessed it today.

little baby j.
{the son of one of my dearest friends}
was born almost four months early.
that is amazing.
just absolutely amazing to me.

he is quite a trooper.
he is a miracle.
the hole in his heart has already closed,
meaning he won't have to have surgery on it.

he's eating more.
he's getting a little plumper every day.
he's kicking.
he's responding to twinkle twinkle little star
{even my shaky rendition of it}.
he's opening his eyes.
he's clutching his mother's hands.

he's loving the sound of his father singing.

he's making many nurses and visitors smile.
he's doing the very best he can
in the circumstances he is in.
and making his mama very proud.

he is making one memorable november
and thanksgiving season
for one relieved {yet still anxious} family.
he is blessing my heart today.
and tomorrow.
and probably as long as i will know him.

he is so loved and i am so touched
to have witnessed that love.

i got to spend the afternoon and evening there.
we laughed.
some tears welled up for me.
we talked for hours
{his mom and i, that is}.
we joked about how the little slippers
on the baby card i bought for them
are meant to be a novelty
and would obviously be too small for a baby
that was born at a typical full-term size,
but would actually fit
this little guy's feet perfectly.

we also got a kick out of how his little foot glowed
from the light on the monitor
that was strapped around it.

i was unprepared for how tiny he would be
and for how many tubes and wires
he would be hooked up to.
but he rested there comfortably
in his little protective neonatal crib
and never once complained.

i sat with my face close to the see-through acrylic
and watched
and marveled
and prayed.
and of course...
i took pictures.
{mom gave me permission to post them.}

it's times like this that i am so grateful
to have a camera and a love for photography.
but it's also times like these
that i wish i knew my camera well
and knew photography better
so that i could take better pictures
in the low light settings.

but i was still so pleased with how they came out.
especially the first photo in the bunch,
which is my absolute favorite.

c., p., and baby j.,
you are in the prayers
and uttered words of hope and faith
of many who love you.
you hang in there.

rest up.
come home as soon as possible,
but get all the help you need there.
{and, yes, i am truly thankful for modern medicine}

welcome to the world, little j.
you are as precious as can be,
and you truly are a miracle to me.

~your "auntie" georgie


S. Etole said...

Oh my, what a precious little trooper. How fortunate he is to have you there to encourage him and his parents ... and how "wonderfully made." Prayers are there with all of you.

Chris said...

Oh, Georgia! This is truly, truly beautiful. It makes me want to cry, but in a good way. I think your camera (and you) did an excellent job capturing this tiny miracle of a human being :)

P. S. Those slippers are adorable! I'm sure they will become family mementos.

Sara said...

He is a miracle! I am sure he will grow up to realize that. I am sure he is loved for every tiny bit he is. Sending prayers his way.

That sort of made me cry..

Peter Tschirhart said...

Wow Georgia, Wow.

Steve Gravano said...

Prayers fro baby J. and family. Beautiful job Georgia.

Hi Kooky said...

Georgia, your photos of this tiny treasure of a baby are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this story of miracles and hope and love. Go baby J!

margie said...

the photos are beautiful, as is this little boy.

beth said...

preemies make my heart skip a beat while my body reminds my body to breathe....so amazing !!!

and no worries about the camera and lighting....these photos are perfect is every way !

blessings and prayers to this family !

Kellie said...

Oh, Georgia. I've been following her (baby J.'s mommy) updates on facebook and praying for the tiny guy along the way. He is a beautiful miracle and you captured it so perfectly and with such love. He's such an amazing little guy and should know everyone who hears of him and sees pictures of him is praying that he continues to be the trooper he is for a long life to come!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Miracles do happen. He's a little fighter that's for sure. Just wanna hang on to life and explore the future with his loving mom and dad. You Rock little J.

ginny said...

such a miracle... welcome 'little j '
in my thoughts and prayers x

Tracy said...

What a blessing this little boy is... Those tiny hands are tugging my heartstrings... Wish this little guy a long, strong life... Happy Day, "Auntie" Georgie... thank you for sharing this beautiful boy with us. :o)

Samothrace said...

What a beautiful baby. I love the picture of him holding on to his mother's finger. It is amazing to me what touch means to each of us-let alone what a mother's touch means to her precious child. It is a healing balm.

Please don't ever apologize for what you feel is lack of knowledge concerning your photography.

You may still be working out the "kinks", as far as figuring out the intricacies of your camera, but you CLEARLY capture the heart and soul of your subject matter.

Thank-you for sharing.

Lisa said...

this is truly beautiful and heart-touching. what a sweet little boy he is! what a teeny tiny little blessing he must be!

thank you for this, georgia. :)

Kristin said...

Bless that precious little munchkin. What a fighter!! A miracle is right. Clearly he was meant to be here!

O. Joy said...

What a beautiful post - how precious is life & how precious is that little one. He really is a miracle, & the miracles of medicine will see hime thorugh - & of course all the love being showered on him will help!! You'll be a wonderful auntie!!

Joy said...

Praise God for this life--tell his mother I said so. The tragedy is that babies this young, and younger and OLDER are aborted, torn in pieces and pitched in the trash everyday... millions have been aborted. It is infanticide and it is murder.

:: elk :: said...

blessings to baby j and the adults that love him...so small...

LOVE you header friend!

Sandy K. said...

What joy and wonder I hear in your voice, emotions overflowing. A miracle and cause for Thanksgiving. Tiny! I have never seen such a small individual - love the glowing foot:! Prayers for all.

Beauty 2 Behold said...

Oh, Georgia. What a beautiful story. I hope your friend Chris gets to see all these responses. Her son is a miracle, without a doubt. God has special plans for him, that's for sure! Undoubtedly, the most precious capture I have ever seen. You don't need to worry about lighting - it's perfect. My heart is so touched by this precious baby. I will have these images of sweet Baby J in my mind as I fall asleep...and I will pray for him and his mom & dad. What a gift...what a miracle...what a great God we have...thank you Lord, for Baby J...thank you.

Rochelle said...

wow, these are adorable! what a precious miracle!! i agree, the first one is the best though. i'm sorry i haven't been in touch, i've been behind on keeping up with blogs. sherah told me about this post today though and i just had to come see it. so glad i did. hope you feel better soon, friend!

Claire said...

you are tender g,as always.

EnnythingGoes said...

You can't read this and see this without tears. I have never seen such a tiny little child. I'm sure that witnessing this would be one of those things that is called life changing. How precious that little baby is. It pains me so deeply to think that millions of little babies like this have never been allowed to see the light of day. Thank you, Georgia.

georgia b. said...

mom, it did change my life in a way. i was so glad to have the rare opportunity to meet such a young baby so tiny, especially since it was one of my friend's. it was a privilege for sure.

suzyQ said...

this is truly beautiful. I adore your blog and photos.

Lis said...

such power in such tiny little hands, feet ...

thank you for sharing this incredible collection of images. Truly breath taking.

Darlene said...

What an amazing story and set of images to go along! I really love the first image, too, as well as the one where he's holding his father's finger. Just incredible! Thank you for sharing.

Brenda said...

yea for Modern Medicine. my youngest daughter had her baby 2 1/2 mo early at 2lbs 2 oz. So you brought back a lot of emotion. Everything worked out fine, but still...... scary. We use to call her isolette her disco ballroom, because of the blue billi-light.and modern medicine. What a life saver!