i wish

this christmas,
i wish
for regret to turn to acceptance,
for pain to turn to healing,
for need to turn to abundance,
for tears to turn to laughter,
for weariness to turn to rest,
for void to turn to fulfillment,
for heartache to turn to ecstasy,
for forgetting to turn to remembering,
for offended to turn to forgiveness,
for doubt to turn to belief,
for loneliness to turn to friendship,
for pride to turn to humility,
for weakness to turn to strength,
for dryness to turn to quenched,
for questions to turn to answers,
for dreams to turn to reality,
for barren to turn to fruitful,
for uncertainty to turn to confidence,
for mistakes to turn to lessons,
for despair to turn to hope,
for disappointment to turn to surprise,
for sickness to turn to well,
for disbelief to turn to faith,
for exhaustion to turn to endurance,
for fear to turn to courage,
for cold to turn to warmth,
for skepticism to turn to trust,
for disrespect to turn to honor,
for directionless to turn to vision,
for tempestuous to turn to calm,
for noise to turn to quiet,
for impatience to turn to patience,
for shame to turn to unashamed,
for sorrow to turn to joy...

...in my life,
in yours,
and in the lives of everyone i know
and even those i don't know.

merry christmas.


Peter Tschirhart said...

Merry Christmas to you too.

Kamana said...

may all your wishes come true. merry christmas!

Meri said...

A worthy list, indeed. Merry Christmas!

Char said...

and i wish that all of your wishes come true.

i hope you have a beautiful and bright holiday - may all of your dreams, hopes and wishes come true this year. Merry Christmas!

Hi Kooky said...

What a beautiful prayer this is. Truly. God bless you and yours this Christmas! Merry Christmas indeed, and a happy New Year!

Carolyn Ford said...

So beautiful...such a beautiful prayer and your bokeh is splendid.

Dani said...

merry christmas, georgia!

ELK said...

me too ...blessed holiday friend

Alicia said...

these are the best holiday wishes. my wishes are the same!

S. Etole said...

Blessings of the gift this season ...

Lisa said...

all beautiful and noble wishes. i concur! it's nice to see you around here. you are missed. :)

Steve Gravano said...

Beautifully said. Merry Christmas

beth said...

and the same to you sweet friend....

I especially like the cold to warmth part :)

merry christmas !!!


Rochelle said...


merry Christmas, friend!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh this is the best Christmas post I've come across. I wish you all these things and even more.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day.

JLBO said...

Joyeuses fêtes ! Et paix à votre coeur généreux.

kath said...

This is a fabulous list!
thank you

Kristin said...

I'm all for dreams turning into reality! I hope you had a beautiful holiday!

margie said...

peace on earth and good will to all of us.

EnnythingGoes said...

I love this song written by Lance Latham (started Awana with Art Rorheim).

I’ve found a refuge from life’s cares in Jesus,
I am hiding in His love divine;
He fully understands my soul’s deep longing,
And He whispers softly, “Thou art Mine.”


Only Jesus! Only Jesus!
Only He can satisfy;
Every burden becomes a blessing,
When I know my Lord is nigh.

I’ve found a precious joy in knowing Jesus,
Never dreamed of in this world of woe;
No clouds, however dark, can dim the radiance
Of the heav’nly light He doth bestow.


I’ve found a blessèd hope divine in Jesus,
’Tis a Day Star ever shining bright;
It fills my earthly way with heav’nly glory,
And it turns life’s darkness into light.

I'm praying for you, as I am for myself, a warm and intense walk with Christ in 2010. He is the only one that can fulfill your list of wishes...every one of them.

I love you. I hope we see more of each other this year.

~Hurricane B~ said...

You just have a way with words, that is perfectly said. I hope that your CHristmas was lovely and you had a great yet safe New Years. I look forward to another year of being able to see little pieces of your talent, home, life and soul.