goodbye, o-nine... hello, twenty-ten! {a year in pictures}

my favorite photo of 2009 is below,
but first...

with just minutes left to spare in this year,
i just finished the monumental task of uploading
many of my 2009 photos to my flickr site.
{the words "my flickr site" above is a link,
as are all the purple words in this post.}

i made this set mostly so i could create a set
of all my favorite photos from this blog in '09.
but then i realized it was
too hard to pick favorites,

so i added all the ones i consider "good"
or the ones that really catch my eye or move me
...whether good or not.

i'll provide a link at the end of this post,
should you want to go peruse the set.
but first i want to say something
about this here blog
{which saw it's first full year over 2009 }.

from my first post in '09
to this, my last post of this year,
it's been a wild ride!

and i've enjoyed sharing
every part of it with you.
you've watched me lose a job,
grow concerned about money,
and then find work again.

you've looked at a lot of my photos
and read a lot of my thoughts.
you've given me lots of good ideas
and great feedback.

you've become my friends and photography peers.
and i've cherished every minute of it.
thank you.

i sort of did a similar post last year,
so i thought i would keep up the tradition
{only this one will be a bit shorter }...

here are three of your top favorite posts of 2009
{based on feedback/comments received }:
where are you right now?
a bowl of cherries...

those were definitely among my favorites, too.
but here are a few more of my personal favorites:
what is this cord...?
conversation with a tree
i haven't seen this day before
{the first two were written by me,
the third is lyrics to one of my favorite songs.}
and this was one of my favorite wordless posts:

as i said a few posts back,
you all have been one of
the best parts of my 2009!
not only have i discovered
how much i love photography
in this past year,
but i have also discovered
how much i love blogging
and making true friends through our blogs.

i wish you all the happiest
of new years this 2010.
i look forward to meeting new people
here in blogland,
and i hope to become even closer
to the friends i've already made.
i wish you all a very blessed new year!

and now for my favorite photo from 2009.

{i wrote a little more about it here on flickr.}

to see the rest of the collection
of my favorite shots of '09,
you can visit my flickr faves set.
there are close to 365 in the set
{yes, i took a lot of pictures this year },
so i like to think of it as about one photo a day
{even though that's not how
i took all of them -- one per day }.
if you are interested in seeing
the way i have developed
over the past year in my photography,
feel free to take a look there.

anyway, i hope i've brought you as much
color and joy over this past year
as you've brought to me.
thanks for everything!

happy HAPPY HAPPY NEW year!


slommler said...

Happy New Year Georgia!! I took a good look at your favs and I love them all! I couldn't, if you asked me, pick just one. There are so many that still move me.
I have so enjoyed meeting you too dear one!
May 2010 be wonderful for you!!!
Happy New Year

Hi Kooky said...

Happy Happy New Year to you too!

ginny said...

I have so loved meeting you this year Georgia and visiting your beautiful, thoughtful and creative space. thank you for your friendship and wonderful photos... i shall pop over to your flickr now: )
wishing you a most blessed, wonderful, peaceful, healthy and happy 2010.. may all your dreams come true,
with warmest wishes
ginny xx

Steve Gravano said...

A Happy and blessed New Year Georgia, to you and yours. It has been wonderful reading your words and seeing your photography. May peace joy and love abound for you and yours in 2010.

Dani said...

i am so happy i found you in 2009! and i can't wait to see what you bring us in 2010! happy new year, friend. thanks for being you!

S. Etole said...

You were a bright light in my year and I hope for you many bright days in the new year. Blessings ...

Grey Street Girl said...

This is an awesome set of photos! Happy New Year to you! I wish you the absolute best in 2010!

Char said...

Happy 2010!!! Here's to better days and happy times.

Great set G! Some beautiful shots there. and I love that you do it for the sheer joy of it.

beth said...

happy new year, georgia !!

I hope 2010 is filled with love and laughter and more photo ops than you ever imagined....


darrah said...

Happy New Year, Georgia! Thank you for including us in your journey. Can't wait to see what's next for you.

Alicia said...

I love love love that you've compiled and shared your favorite photos from 2009! It reminds me how much I truly love the images you create and capture! And you have such a beautiful style! I hope you have a great kick-off to the new year!!

Heather said...

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for sharing yourself and your photos:) I finally got around to doing a similar (though less ambitious) review today -- come by and visit.


Claire said...

you have been inspiration all the way through...

and that will not be changing soon.

blessings for 2010 g.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see my beautiful red head in your photos. You make me smile. You are a wonderful person Miss G.
Happy new year!

Heather said...

Hi G,
Happy New Year to you! I just had an idea while reading about your flickr site: since there are 365 photos in the set for 2009, what if you took 1 photo per day for 2010? I guess it wouldn't be all of the favorites in one place, but it could be an interesting study of the who, what, where, and why of the year. Maybe I'll get a flickr site and do it too! (Shoot, I'm already 4 days behind!)

Love you!