501, flickr addict, and i'm back, but not full time

just a few things...

i forgot to mention in my last post that it was my 500th post on this blog -- kind of a neat milestone and appropriate for the subject {and length } of that doosey of a post. {btw... does anyone know how to spell doosey? blogger gives me the red squiggly when i type that word, indicating it is spelled wrong or it is unrecognized. right clicking on the word does not reveal any other word that closely resembles it, so i gather that it is slang. but still, i should know the correct spelling of the slang at least. and speaking of spelling, i have a funny story i've wanted to share for a while about spelling, but it's sort of long, so i'll save it for another time }.

i digress... as i was saying, i did not intend to hit the 500-mark with such an excited post about my enlightened and inspired start to the new year. it just happened that way. synchronicity. {oops... another unrecognized word. oh, well.}

are you on flickr? if not, you should be. it's such an awesome tool for photographers. i never really used it to its potential until recently. i think taking a break from my blogs and not taking as many photos has freed me up to put some effort into flickr. if you read two posts down, you know that i created a set for all my fave photos of 2009. well, because i uploaded all those photos that were not on flickr prior to creating the set, i thought i would further organize and categorize them.

so i started creating more sets based on category -- sort of how i have all the buttons along my side bar on this blog that take you to types of related photos. it's been fun, because i made a few sets that are similar to what i have here {like drive-by shootings }. but i created several more that i don't have here. and it's just a good way to go and see all of a certain type of photo you like to take {all in one place }. here are the sets i've done so far, which i'm sure i'll be adding more of as time goes on. {click below to go to sets page.}

here they are listed as links {with a small description } if you would like to check any of them out...

{not all my ethereal or moody shots
make it onto my ethereal blog,
so now i can add them all here.}

drive-by shootings
{these will be the same
as in the set on this blog.}

{i like this one, because it will have more
than just birds, like my "bird lover" set here.}

don't adjust your monitor... it's blurry on purpose
{sort of like my "please try and focus" group here}

{food- and drink-related}

from a to b
{things that get you from one to the other}

falling off "the page"
{this is one i'm excited about,
because as i was organizing my photos,
i realized i am drawn to this type of image,
and i want to create more of the same
and maybe even start my own flickr pool
of these kinds of images
so others can also contribute.}

interior spaces

{i have "my sister's place" here,
but this will be more than her interior.
it will be any and all interiors i shoot.}

ways that beckon
{i think i'm gonna LOVE this one,
and i plan to add so many here,
as i plan to seek out these kinds of photos.}

country girl
{pics from rural areas
or the many nature preserves i go to}

city girl
{pics in larger cities}

all grown up
{flowers and other growing things}

{babies and kids}

{clothes, shoes and jewelry}

up close and personal
{macro photography, but not just for mondays}

snow days
{winter weather shots}

{pretty much like the set i have here}

i've also been getting more involved with different flickr pools out there, and that has created a lot of interaction with other photographers and immersed me in so much inspiring photography from other flickr members. so... if you are not on flickr, i highly encourage you to be. i know i will learn much from this forum.

several of you left comments on my last post that suggest to me that you think i'm back at blogging. i sort of am, but much less than i used to be. i had a lot of free time over this last three-day weekend, so it was easier to get back on. but i am still in great need of getting some things squared away, and i fear i won't finish those if i get back on here as regularly as i used to be. so, i'm sorry to say, i will not be on here daily. but i so appreciate everyone's kind comments welcoming me back and saying you were glad to see me again!

i'll be sure to stop by when i can, but for now {at post five hundred and one }, i hope you are all well and having a good year so far. only three days in with so much to look forward to, i remain encouraged and excited and will share that with you whenever i can.

much love,
~this girl who mostly just likes to take pictures,
but sometimes has a lot to say.

{about the photo above... this is a tree i saw on the way home from grocery shopping one night. it looked so beautiful in the winter haze of dusk that evening, i knew i had to go back some day and shoot it. i went about a week later to get this shot on my way to work in the morning.}


Lisa said...

i am on flickr, but i don't use it as much as i should! i need to look you up on there. :)

it's nice to hear from you whenever we get the chance! that photo is beautiful, and so dreamy. you've got talent!

~Hurricane B~ said...

No matter if it is a few days, or a month, I think people will always welcome you back. You have lovely sights to share, words that flow..and it is missed when it is not here.=) Glad to hear that your New Yeaar is starting off grandly. Flickr is a neat site.

Anonymous said...

i havent started on flickr yet, but am planning on doing, soon. love that shot of the tree.

slommler said...

I too have a Flickr account; but really haven't used it much. But I plan on making use of it this year. 2010 is going to be so exciting! Sounds like yours' is shaping up to be action-packed as well. Love the photo of the tree!! Beautiful!

Meri said...

doozy. And I have some things on flickr that I keep rotating to stay within the "free" numbers. Should I get an account for unlimited pics?

Jekisa Jean said...

Day 1 of many to come ;)
I had such a pleasant lunch break today because of this. Also! If you get a chance, go online and try to find the new Switchfoot song "All around me". That is what your photos are going to be played to. I think you'll really like it and you'll find how fitting it is with what you do :)

Love you!
thanks again for yesterday! :)

Jekisa Jean said...

whoops, i mean "your love is a song" by switchfoot. :)

Alicia said...

i have recently gotten more into flickr myself... it took a minute because i didn't get a pro account at first, but it's totally worth it! i love the community of photographers i'm becoming a part of! so many inspiring photos out there too!!

can't wait to check out all your groups - i'm horrible about getting my photos sorted into groups!! you amaze me at organization you have (first on your blog and then on flickr!!)

Grey Street Girl said...

That's a beautiful tree shot! And, you know I love Flickr too! I love the set names you created - too cute!

Tracy said...

Hi, Georgia! Happy New Year! Great to see you here, even for a moment. Flickr is something on my list for this year too. We're just back from our trip and catching up with you here... Feeling jet-lagged and heart-fuzzy after a sweet Christmas, good to be home and back in blogland. Looking forward to sharing another creative and culinary year with you. Wishing you & yours all the very best of love, peace & joy in 2010! :o)

georgia b. said...

hi, meri.

sorry i did not respond sooner. i think the unlimited flickr account is worth it! like i said, it's a great organizational tool, especially if you are serious about photography, which i'm beginning to be.