iced coffee and a little serendipity

it's still cold here, but it's supposed to warm up into the 40s on thursday! that's downright balmy compared to what it's been!

from the sounds of your replies to my question {about what the weather's been like for you } via the comments box on my post a couple days back, it has been unusually cold everywhere! even in the usually warm states like texas and florida {which is where my father-in-law lives... he told me in an e-mail yesterday that it was down to 24 degrees there over night! i didn't even know that was possible!}.

anyway, i thought i would post my starbucks shot for a couple of reasons. one... i like this pic. i had to snap it when i saw the icicles and snow on the storefront that made this sbux look like it was shivering and in need of a nice hot cup of coffee... thus the play on words for the title of this post. : )

secondly... something kind of serendipitous {or maybe just coincidental } happened to me today. on my lunch break, i went to the starbucks that is just down the street from where i work {not the one pictured here }. i ordered my tall {or small in layman's terms } soy green tea latte and grabbed a tomato, basil, mozzarella sandwich.

well, the girl who took my order grabbed a medium cup instead of a small, and then the barista caught the error, but went ahead and made my drink as a medium anyway, because the cashier head already written "GTL" on the medium cup.

however, they still only charged me for a small. then as i was waiting for my drink, they asked if i wanted a free non-fat vanilla latte. this is a coffee drink, so i knew i would not want it for me, as one of my new year's resolutions is to quit drinking coffee. but i thought maybe someone at work would like it. the drink had already been made, but the drive-through customer who ordered it only had a fifty, and they could not break it, so he kept driving. {why they gave it to me for free, but not him, i don't understand. perhaps they would have given it to him, but he left before they could offer it.} anyway, it was already made and none of the employees wanted it, so it went to me. i was happy to bring back a free drink to someone in the office that might enjoy it. by this point, i was feeling like it was my lucky day.

okay... 'tis kind of a cool thing when told by itself. but there's more. as i sat at the counter eating my sandwich, the ray charles version of georgia came on over the speakers. now you have to know, i get a smile whenever i hear that song, where ever i am, no matter who is singing it {for the obvious reason being that it is my name }. plus, that song has a lot of sentimental value to me. but today, i smiled even more broadly than usual.

you see, the very same thing happened to me about a month ago. well, almost the same thing... on my way to work, i saw my friend through the window at the starbucks near my house. so i went in to say hello. as i was standing there talking to her and her husband, michael buble's version of georgia started to play. she was the one who first noticed, so she pointed it out and i smiled with delight. later that day -- at the starbucks that i was at today -- i ordered a tall soy green tea latte. the barista heard me order, so he began to make my drink. but the cashier did not know, so he drew up a cup for my order and gave it to the barista, who thought it was an additional latte for a different customer. when they realized there was only one customer, but there were two lattes made, they gave them both to me... for the price of one!

so that's the serendipitous part. hmmmm... i think that next time i hear the song georgia in a starbucks, i should go buy a lottery ticket... what do you think?


Jekisa Jean said...

oh my word,
i love that these kinds of things happen to you :)

or maybe what I love best is that you pay attention to these kinds of things.

either way,
it made me smile to read :)

Toni said...

Yes, and buy one for me, too! How cool!! You lucky duck. I love Ray Charles' version of "Georgia", but can't remember hearing Michael Buble's. BTW, I love the word Serendipity - I named my cat that when I got her.

Steve Gravano said...

I've always loved Willie Nelson's version. Love the story.

georgia b. said...

i think willie's version is my favorite, too. i got to hear him sing it in concert twice. both times i sat up really straight in my seat with a big smile as if he was singing it right to me. :)

i think the m.b. version is on his latest cd. i like m.b. a lot, so i may have to go get that one!

thanks. :)

Kara!!! said...

I wish I had the time to blog about things like this that happen everyday. I probably do have time, I just don't use it right, I suppose.

And free Starbucks for a friend is always nice. Every now and then one of my good friends comes by my office during the day and brings me coffee, and it totally makes me week!!!

spread your wings said...

at first when i pulled up your blog and saw this long post i though oh i don't have time to read that now. but i did and i'm glad - it made me smile. thanks

georgia b. said...

hahaha, kara. i don't have the time either. that's my problem. that's why i tried to quit blogging for a while. i had a momentary lapse in discipline and i had to write this.

thanks, L.
thank you for taking the time to read. so good to see you again. glad you stopped by.

Meri said...

Lottery ticket for sure! And p.s., one of the great thrills of my concert-going life was hearing Ray Charles sing Georgia. He was near the end of his life, but hey -- he was a legend.

Char said...

very nice - you should buy one definitely.

and the Ray Charles version of that song is my favorite ever.

Jaime said...

Most definitely get that lottery ticket! Don't you love serendipity? Makes you feel like you are right where you are supposed to be. It's comforting...just like a cup of tea. :)

Kristin said...

Totes buy a lottery ticket! And it finally warmed up today after being in the 30s in FLORIDA. Brrrrrrrr

beth said...

I think the people at starbucks need to pay attention a bit more...

really...in a day, how many people are getting free drinks based on what you just described ?

but I will say....you lucky girl !!

Lisa said...

I love hearing about stuff like this! It makes me smile. What a cool story! Thanks so much for sharing. :P And I really love the photo & post title. :)