to the ends of the earth {okay... not really}

i took this shot on the way home from taking pics last sunday. i was driving along, when i saw some very cool snow drifts on the side of the road. so being the very good driver and photographer that i am. {*wink*}, i pulled off the road {instead of doing a drive-by shooting } and took this picture.

it was not until i got home and looked at in on the computer that i noticed the red flag. i thought it was kind of cool. to me, it almost looks like some desolate place near or on the north or south pole... like some explorer/scientist had made a dangerous trek there and stuck a flag in the snow to announce and declare his arrival. {well, he came from the other side of course... that's why you don't see any foot prints.}

hehehe... but nope. it's just the side of the road on a little ol' street in a little ol' town of the midwest portion of the united states. that's all. {told you we got a lot of snow!}

on another note, since a lot of you like photography as much as i do, check out this photo of my sister {sisters ??? }. i thought it was kind of cool.


slommler said...

The red flag reminded me of what we did outside Cleveland Ohio when the heavy snows came. If your car was on the road during the snowstorm, you put a red flag on the antennae so that you could find your car in the morning. And so hopefully the plow didn't damage your car. Worked some of the time. LOL!

spread your wings said...

what a great shot. it looks so remote - you're right, like an explorer's flag or something.

Meri said...

I love the red flag - I love the fact that you do drive-by shootings (my tacomaphoto blog had a drive-by yesterday) - but most of all I love the twin photo. What a great idea to create a stand-in by twin!

beth said...

yes...it looks like you just climbed a mountain and left your mark !

Sandy K. said...

You've got some good snow over your way! Fabulous. The flag really makes the picture...like you're marking the top of the world. Aren't surprise photos grand?

Lisa said...

i LOVE this photo!! such a cool shot. it really does look like somewhere far off! i love how you can do that with photography--it's like an escape! :)