just some thoughts about prayer

i've recently been reminded
of the power of prayer...
something i take comfort in,
especially when i feel helpless
in situations like the quakes in haiti
or even the things that shake
my own little world.

some of you have been praying for me.
{for that i am grateful.}
some of you i've been praying for recently.

i want to pray more.
i remember when i was growing up
learning the bible verse that says,
"pray without ceasing."
and thinking, "how in the world
could anyone possibly pray constantly?
how would they get anything done?"
then as i grew, i realized we could pray
anywhere at any time.
i know one thing...
if i prayed half as much as my mother does,
i'd probably see so many differences in my life.

i still love this quote about prayer by one
of my favorite people in history, martin luther...

"prayer is not overcoming God's reluctance,
but laying hold of his willingness."
~martin luther

i also love these lyrics that phil keaggy
set to some music he once wrote.
{note the line that i made bold,
which gives me chills.
those words are just WOW!}

i look to thee in every need,
and never look in vain.
i feel thy strong and tender love
and all is well again.
the thought of thee is mightier far
than sin and pain and sorrow are,
than sin and pain and sorrow are, my Lord.

discouraged in the work of life,
disheartened by its load.
shamed by its failures and its fears
i sink beside the road.
but let me only think of Thee
and then new heart springs up in me,
and then new heart springs up in me, my Lord.

there is an eye that never sleeps
beneath the wing of night,
there is an ear that never shuts
when sink the beams of light.
there is an arm that never tires
when human strength gives way,
there is a love that never fails
when earthly loves decay.
but there's a power which man can wield
when mortal aid is vain.

that eye, that arm, that loves to reach
the listening ear to gain.
that power is prayer which soars on high,
through Jesus to the throne,
which moves the Hand which moves the world
to bring salvation down, bring salvation down.

{words by samuel longfellow from
the continual burnt offerings }


slommler said...

Beautiful song lyrics!! I find that as I get older; the more I find myself praying! So that verse, "pray without ceasing" has become a reality in my life.

Steve Gravano said...

That's beautiful I'm gonna have to find it song.

Lisa said...

Beautiful lyrics! And a wonderful, heartfelt post. I know I should pray more, too. <3

Char said...

beautiful and i believe that god does answer prayers ... and sometimes his answer to me is 'no' or 'wait'...those can be difficult.

S. Etole said...

so much power in what you have shared ... and so often a sigh is a prayer with wings

sMacThoughts said...

I speak to God everyday. He's always right there, so no reason not to. I actually cannot imagine that not being so; I'd feel so alone.

Brenda said...

if it weren't for people's prayers, I don't think I'd be alive today. Not to be dramatic, but surgery knocks you on your butt, no matter what the surgery is. And those constant prayers sometimes are the only things that allows me to get up in the morning.