thanks again, shutter sisters

i just got back from my {almost } daily visit to shutter sisters. i actually had not been over there for several days, so i was missing my dose of inspiration and thought i would go catch up.

i sincerely did not expect to see one of my pics chosen for the one word project yesterday. {the third picture in my post below } i was delighted as always. i must admit, the first time they picked one of mine, i was ecstatic. i thought i had "made it". {*wink*} it's just an honor, because if you look at the flickr pool they choose from, there are so many amazing shots and so many creative ways of interpreting a word through a photo {or a photo through a word }.

so to be picked among all those entries for a day is really humbling. i almost did not post about it, because i don't want to seem boastful. but i did want to post, because i do want to seem utterly grateful... or should i say, shutterly grateful. {*wink again*}

and as always, it gives me that boost of confidence in my picture-taking ability or eye. so i don't want to ever seem less grateful than i was the first time. thank you, shutter sisters! it may seem silly and insignificant. but it's really big to me.

{if you are not familiar with the shutter sisters one word project, check it out. it's a project i really enjoy seeing and participating in. i think it is quite awesome and... well, creative!}


slommler said...

Congratulations and you should feel good about it. And brag girl...brag!! You have to toot your own horn too!!! Beautiful pic, by the way!

Jamie said...

Congratulations Georgia! I love that picture. Very well done. I hardly visit shutter sisters anymore...what a shame. They do have such great inspiration and showcase such great new artists. High-five girl!!

Angela H. said...

that's my girl!

S. Etole said...

I so enjoy your creativity ... good job!

Kara said...


Oliag said...

Yay!..Love this shot...very deserving of "creative"...Congrats!

Lisa said...

Yay! That is sooo cool! Congrats, you! I don't think it's silly or insignificant at all. It's something to be proud of!! ;)