saturday morning photography, saturday afternoon thoughts

  • these were taken last spring -- not this morning -- but it was on a saturday morning

  • my camera batteries died {the rechargeable kind -- apparently, charging them overnight sucks the life expectancy right out of them, so i wasted two sets. time to get more. lesson learned }

  • not getting the camera i thought i would, but that's okay

  • buying a computer today or monday -- financing, rather, but that's okay

  • apparently, my writing is no better {or no more sincere to one "anonymous" } than a fortune cookie message, but that's okay. i'm not afraid to write. in fact, i'm not afraid of anything. still, i'm going to try to be less wordy around here. "less is more" is something i've wanted to incorporate in my writing and photography anyway

  • gray, gloomy and cold here, but that's okay

  • i bought a new yellow knit hat, and i'm wearing it with pig tails. {it's actually a replacement christmas gift, but i had to put it on my card until b. gives me the cash.}

  • learning what true love is

  • forgetting what is behind, pressing on towards what is ahead

  • wanting to turn the roof of my garage into a sled hill -- there's so much snow and it's calling my name. but then i would need a soft place to land. maybe it's not such a good idea after all

  • guess i'll go to the store and buy batteries instead

  • hope your weekend is good so far


S. Etole said...

we all need a soft place to land at times ... and that's okay

slommler said...

Sorry you didn't get your camera...but a new computer is good!! "Less is more" never worked for me...I am always "more is better". LOL But that is just me. I am a mixed media artist..so that makes sense! That sled hill sounded so cool...but a landing is definitely needed.

Rochelle said...

So you're not supposed to leave your batteries charging overnight? Oh. I guess I was following the More is Better philosophy in that respect!

I love your writing (and pix!) by the way.

Alicia said...

Bummer about the camera - but you still have an amazing talent capturing beautiful photos with the camera you do have (which I completely and totally admire!!)

yah for a 'new' hat!! i found a cute green one at a thrift shop that i've been wearing the past few days myself :) love love love new hats!

and as far as anonymous goes... i have a hard time reading when people write a lot - time wise... but that doesn't apply to your posts. i love your writing and i love your posts (short and long and everything between). no matter what, i make time for them. anyway, this is your space... you put it out there from the start with your blog name - it's just how I see things. please don't let someone who doesn't have it in them to even share their identity to say anything that you much listen to. i like the way you see things. i like the way you write things. please don't change it because the negative energy someone left in an anonymous comment.

ps: i'd love to get a little of your inspiration in my next fortune cookie... that would truly make my day :)

Oliag said...

I have been enjoying catching up here and as usual your creativity and openness just blows me away:)

You just seem to have such a fearlessness in your photography and by the number of sets in your Flickr group you show a vast interest in so many things...I have often thought that your talent exemplified how good a photographer can be without using a fancy camera...

Have a wonderful NewYear...

Kara!!! said...

I'm doing the 'less is more thing too' - but I'm not sure I want to read less of you!!

spread your wings said...

how anyone could think your writing is not sincere is beyond me. it seems heartfelt to me.