to the victors go the spoils

unemployment became my lot
so my friends became my aid
to make a garage sale become my income
in which my belongings became my trade

my table became a tripod
so that the day'd become fond memory
of working hard that became reward
when lamps and teapots became their bounty


{i wrote this last september, and planned to post it then, too. but then i ended up not having the garage sale, because i was offered some freelance work and had no time. so all that stuff awaits spring in bins tucked away in my basement. these two girls and i worked our butts off, getting rid of so many things i no longer want or need. it was like a great weight was lifted. letting go is the best part. and it wasn't just hard work. it was fun! each of them found a small treasure that they said they would have been eyeing if they were at someone else's garage sale. so when the day was done, i sent them on their way with their parting gifts. it was the very least i could do for their help.}


slommler said...

Fun pics!! And looks like wanted treasures are clutched in their hands!! LOL!!

Dani said...

oooooooooooooooo. i still want to come to your garage sale!

Steve Gravano said...

Hey, I wanted that tea pot! Beautiful tones.

Alicia said...

these photos are way too fun and the poem is absolutely wonderful! i admire the way you use words!! :)

Hi Kooky said...

I love your poem! And it looks like you guys had such a great time. Letting go is a good thing, isn't it? I have a closet full of some things I need to part with, although my process will not be as beautiful or graceful as your post!

Jekisa Jean said...

i read this at panera while B and I were going over wedding stuff today! it made us smile and LAUGH because it was such a fun, productive day!!!!

this garage sale is still happening .
we need to find more treasures for your etsy shop too!!! B keeps reminding me that the project is not over!!! :)

love you, thanks for these pics and the poem. it was classic :)

Anonymous said...

Miss G Please wait until June to have your garage sale. By then the baby will be here. I would love for you to see it.
Julie and the little girls +baby:):):):)

ginny said...

love the photos georgia... you look like you are all having great fun. x
p.s. love the poem too!

spread your wings said...

cute poem, cute photos, fun times.
how sweet of you to give them what they treasured