the grass is always greener on the other side... of the world

eiffel tower and lone cypresseiffel tower and lone cypress on my vintage dining room chair
did you ever wonder what the conversation would be like if the eiffel tower and the lone cypress were to meet? i think they would have much to learn from each other and much to discover about the other.

i suppose the lone cypress would say how lucky the eiffel tower is to be in such a grand and bustling city... a city of love, art, fashion and fine cuisine with so many french-speaking passers by.

but then you might hear the eiffel tower say, "oh, no-no-no... you are the lucky one. you have it good here. it's peaceful and quiet. you have solitude and nothing but the sound of crashing ocean waves and maybe some faint voices of tourists in the distance."

make no mistake. i really hope to see paris some day and stand at the foot of such a grand structure that is the eiffel tower. {and take lots of pictures, of course.}

but i have to say... i think i would rather be the cypress than the tower. how 'bout you?

{i took the photograph you see in these photos about nine years ago when i went to visit my best friend at the time. she lived in san francisco. she, two other friends, and i drove down the coast to go see l.a. and take in the ocean sights along the way. this was back in the day of film cameras. remember those? i'd sure like to go back to the cypress some day and take more pictures again... this time with a better camera. how i miss the california coast. it was truly a beautiful thing to witness.}


Elaina M. Avalos said...

I know that coastline well. I have never been to Paris. I would love to go. Actually, I would really love to go. But at the end of the day, I'm certain I'd rather be the lone cypress too. Especially if I could be on the northern or central coast of CA.

slommler said...

Beautiful!! I would be the cypress too! Though to be in France and experience the city would be fabulous!

Steve Gravano said...

Some days I'm the cypress but other days the tower. I enjoy a trip or two a year into the big city.

jill said...

I've never done that trip, but so many people say the same thing that you just did. One day.

Love your composition for displaying the photo! :-)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Georgia, sorry I've missed out on so much (busy I'll guess).
Yep I rather be the tree too. I suck when it comes to crouds. I'm a loner and rather find myself in the neck of the woods allllll by myself.
Love the thought though of them meeting.
Hope you're doing okay.
Hugs Dagmar

spread your wings said...

i think i agree with you. it's nice to be in Paris (i went over 20 years ago) but i prefer the peace of someplace more in nature - like along a rocky coast line or towering redwoods of the west coast

S. Etole said...

the cypress has learned to bend and weather and grow ... sounds good to me!

mrs mediocrity said...

yes, I would so be the cypress...would love to visit paris, but give me wide open spaces any day, every day...

Yvonne said...

but it's just as hard to mow."

Lisa said...

this is so pretty! i love the photo of the cypress, just gorgeous! there's just something about film sometimes. :) and i love these photos too! so pretty. you are so talented!