a lighter-longer day

when i awoke today, i left my eyelids in their slumbering position. the daylight broke through the blinds and told me it was late in the morning, but my body told me it was still early. since i could not get back to sleep, i decided i might as well open my eyes and look at the clock. it is no lie... when i saw the clock, it read 7:14 as it so often does upon first glance in the mornings before the alarm goes off.

on this day, you can not know how glad i was to remember that daylight savings occurred last night. why, it was not 7:14 at all! it was 8:14. we simply forgot to change our clock the night before.

it was 8:14! the day was new! the sun was out! although the weekend was half over, it was off to a great, productive, renewing start. i was ready to stand up and start my day. {but i must admit, i stayed there for a little while longer and enjoyed the comfort of my new cloud-of-a-pillow.}

i'm so ready for change. for renewal. for the newness of spring. for fresh starts. for letting go of the past hurts and grudges and regrets and negative influences.

and it always amazes me how much even the simple things in life can bring a sense of renewal and hope. just in one small saturday, so many simple things brought that sense to me... gifts of provision and mercy, if you ask me...
  • a paycheck to deposit into my bank account.
  • a new shower head that is at least twice as powerful as the old one and makes for the best showers.
  • new pillows for the bed {with new pillow cases, because these pillows are longer and fluffier and would not fit in the old pillow cases }. what a wonderful night of sleep it was. freshly washed sheets helped, too.
  • anticipation of spring.
  • a day of cleaning and de-cluttering with b.
  • time to catch up on laundry.
  • thoughts of being able to tend to my herb garden again very soon.
  • a pizza dinner topped with basil, tomato and mozzarella reminding me of the fresh caprese salads that i'm sure to make many of over the next several months.
  • reading the psalms.
  • prayer and trust.
sometimes it's the little things that renew our spirits. sometimes it's the little ways we let them. well, the sun is out in a sky of blue... something i've not seen in over a week. this, too is renewing my spirit. so will the walk i am about to take with b.

as you can see, i'm renewing my blog header too. goodbye purple scarf and favorite earrings. i'll bring you back again next fall.

thanks for those of you who gave your input on my last post and helped me choose a new banner. your thoughts and feedback actually changed my mind from no. 1 to no. 2. but then i tried it out and found it looked unbalanced with the layout of this blog. so i went back to no. 1. but b. said it was too cluttered. i was worried about that myself. so i went back to the drawing board. my new banner is none of the above... i mean, below. i took all your comments into account and came up with the one you now see. hope you like!

have a beautiful new day!


bless the Lord, o my soul,
and forget not all his benefits,
who forgives all your iniquity,
who heals all your diseases,
who redeems your life from the pit,
who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,
who satisfies you with good
so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

~ psalm 103: 2-5 {esv }


slommler said...

Love the new header!! I felt an elation this morning too. Spring is almost here...a time for freshness and renewal! I love it

sMacThoughts said...

Oh I really needed to read something like this today! Sometimes living alone can feel so 'silent' and I at times can benefit from another voice of encouragement!

ELK said...

good choice . simplicity wins every time in life I find .blesssings friend

Hi Kooky said...

Spring is grand for so many reasons, isn't it? Sometimes I think of it as God's reminder that He is still here and still blessing us. :) Yay to you for having a light-filled day!

smith kaich jones said...

Love the new header & love that you took the best of each and voila! :) Today is my favorite day of the year - when mankind gives us an extra hour of daylight. lol! 2nd favorite is when the universe begins it for us, the Winter Solstice. A wonderful day, a lovely recounting of the gifts tossed your way.


Jennifer White said...

And here I'm too late to vote... BUT... I did in fact pick number two, but like number one... and my feedback was going to be that it was a bit cluttered so we were on the same wavelength! I very much like the changes you made, it's so light and airy and fresh... just like today was. I felt similar this morning when waking up. Just to be able to look forward to 7PM when it would still be light outside. What a difference that makes in my mood!

It's the beginning of a new season...just around the corner actually...finding myself in anticipation of many stages of renewal as well, since finding out I'll be moving to Madison as soon as I can... here's to a fantastic Spring! xo

margie said...

the new header is perfect. the best of all of them. what a delight to have light late in the day now.

Kim Klassen said...

morning georgia.....
here's to a fabulous week.

i just love the new header.

and this post is very sweet and inspiring...
have a great day, my friend...
xxo, kim

beth said...

I love the new banner.....

mrs mediocrity said...

love the new heading it is beautiful...and a beautiful post as well. you made me feel that first little inkling of Spring...where I live it is still gray and muddy and not very spring-like...but soon, soon

S. Etole said...

that's a wonderful psalm ... covers so much ...