it's just how frankenstein sees things

meet b. ... my hubby, my fan, one of my readers... and last, but not least, my blog proofreader.

i just had to laugh today, when sweet kelly of the blue muse e-mailed me to let me know i had a typo in my new banner. i had left off the second "p" in the word "photography". i have since fixed it, and i'm wondering if anyone else noticed, but felt funny pointing it out. *giggle* thanks, kelly!

sometimes my mom will call or write and point out one of my misspellings or typos in my posts. i'm grateful to anyone who proofreads for me. proofreading was never one of my fortes.

so... you're probably wondering why i titled this post the way i did. kelly's e-mail made me think about something that i had wanted to write about a while back... something that makes me laugh every time i think of it.

back when i first started my blogs, my husband faithfully read them every day. he's not quite sure about the whole blogging thing... it's the kind of thing you have to do to really get, i think. but he does enjoy reading my posts and usually likes my photos... or at least appreciates them because he knows that i like them.

after a while, he began to tease me when he would find errors in my writing. he would point them out so that i could fix them, but whenever i would have a certain kind of error... the kind where i left out a word or something that would make my language sound basic, elementary or unrefined, he'd have some fun with that.

here is an example. instead of me writing
"here is an example."
my writing mind was too fast for my typing fingers, and instead i would type,
"here is example."
{very "me tarzan, you jane" -esque.}

but he had me rolling in laughter one day when after having been a faithful reader for some time {and after having found several of these kinds of errors }, he pointed out the most recent typo of this kind and said, "it's just how frankenstein sees things... that should be your blog name."

he has said some funny things to me in all the years we've known each other. that's one that goes down in the books. it makes me laugh every time! {and trust me... he's still using it.}

so... who is proofreading for you?


beth said...

my hubby has the same job....and damn, he's good at it !

Heather said...

Oh my. I could probably use one of those!! The later in the day, the more I need it;)

slommler said...

I proofread myself! Probably a bad thing. My hubby forgets to read mine on a regular basis. Sooo...I am left to my own devices.

kelly said...

that is funny, just the other day my husband found a typo for me, too, and I officially gave him the job...
and the funny memory you have is great, it is one of those things that will make you smile, always.

Michel said...

Hi Georgia!

I have a friend who is a teacher and every time I change my website or write something in my blog I always get a sheepish email from here starting off. "I love your new site, great job but I just wanted to make a grammatical suggestion. I don't want to be rude."
"Rude?" I always say, no! I need the help and am very thankful.

I also type so fast I sound like a Neanderthal, I also, have an issue, with commas, I am dealing with. ;)

great blog, I look forward to visiting again. thanks for the comments on wishful thinking.


nacherluver said...

Cute post! So sweet to hear your husband is your biggest fan. My husband doesn't bother with my blogs so I am my biggest fan! ;)

You are a great photographer and I love reading your posts. Have always checked in, today I became a follower ;)

georgia b. said...

thanks for stopping by, michel! and you're welcome!

thank you, nacherluver! i'm always always delighted to find out i have a new reader. now i'm off to check out your blog.

p.s... love your tree profile pic!

spread your wings said...

my brother is constantly finding mistakes in my postings. i am a horrible proof reader and it's something of a pet peeve of his, and my mom's. i always just roll right past people's typos and such. it's not a big deal to me. i know they know better. funny you posted this. i was just thinking about asking for forgiveness in a post since my brother just pointed out several in my last one. i have since fixed them ( i think)
by the way i'm glad to "formally" meet your husband.