one haiku, three lines, seventeen syllables, and two more days

haiku {line one}

haiku {line two}

haiku {line three}

only two days remain in the month of april, which means only two days remain of national poetry month. so i thought i'd squeeze in a little poem before it's over. i'm still a little intimidated by writing poetry, but i can handle a haiku from time to time. my husband thinks haiku poetry is a bit dull and uncreative. maybe that's why i feel i can tackle it {along with the limerick form because they lend themselves to whimsy }. if you go here, you can read my last haiku post, which was coincidentally almost exactly one year ago.

so, today's post is my ode to april. i think it has to be one of the nicest months of april i have ever known. it was warmer than most of the aprils we have had over the last several years. and i took more notice of the signs of spring more than ever before. i'm sorry to see the everywhere-blooming way of spring taper off. but with that comes warmer weather, so there is an upside for sure.

these little tree-flower buds are all now covering the sidewalks after making way for young leaves that will soon be mature and full. but you know what? i think i took enough flowering tree photos to last the entire year... through summer and fall, right on up to the end of winter. so although april's wonderland of blossoms is winding down, i will still be adding some more photos of it here.

i noticed today that the lilacs are coming! it won't be long... and then they'll be gone almost as quickly as they arrived. i'm sure to post about those too, as they are one of my favorite flowering trees. then... i promise i'm done with blossoms and blooms! i just hope you enjoyed april around here.

may flowers are sure to follow.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos to go with your lovely haiku. Haiku is the only poetry I will write, too. I hope your haiku is true, I don't necessarily need to make it big but I wouldn't mind my 15 minutes or some minor success.

georgia b. said...

heehee... i wondered if this would come across that way, candace. i didn't want it to. perhaps i should change the wording.

what i meant by "make it big" was more do great things and less be famous.

i'll have to change that. not that i would mind being famous. but i don't mind not being famous either. but i DO want to achieve great things. even if just great in the eyes of myself or a few.

georgia b. said...

good thing the poem was part of the editable post, and not embedded in the photo... easier to change.

: )

Kristin said...

I wouldn't even know where to begin. I commend you lady!

slommler said...

Beautiful poem and the photos are fabulous.

mrs mediocrity said...

I love your haiku, and despite their length, they can be just as hard to write as a long poem, sometimes harder. My lilacs are just starting to bloom. I need to cut a few and bring them inside so I can smell their wonderful scent while I work...

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean it in a negative way, I understood that you probably didn't need to be famous. I'm just hoping it's true...either way. I do think I like the edited version better, though :)

S. Etole said...

your creativity is always a treat ...