things i love to like and like to love {in photography and otherwise }... oh, and hopefully a word of wisdom or two

things i love to like and like to love

i know it's tuesday... thus i'm a little late for mosaic monday. but i realized today that i have not done a photo collage in a very long time, so i was feeling the mosaic vibe. then i realized i was not sure what to make a collage of.

that's when i just started scrolling through five or six
of the most recent folders of photos that i have uploaded and decided to just start grabbing the things i love... visually speaking.

i've always been a visual person... i guess most people who like photography are. but as a graphic designer, i'm much more stimulated visually than i am by any other sense, with the exception of sound... namely music.

each of these images contain things that stimulate me visually in person, but also in a photograph... especially the latter in the images that were captured less realistically {more what my mind sees, less what my eyes see }... such as the blurry shots of the bottled juice, or the stop lights in the night sky, or the "moving" trees in the train shot.

which reminds me of something i recently heard from a friend... helpful advice given after i expressed my frustration at something quite disappointing that was done to me by someone else i consider a friend. i guess it was more of a helpful reminder than it was advice. it was this: "it's easier to change the way you see things than it is to change what you see." the facts of what happened to me {what this friend did } are there, and i can't help but be disappointed in the person who did this thing to me. but i can choose how i will look at it, and what i choose is what will matter in the end. that helped me.

{hmmmmm... i guess this very much hearkens to the title of my blog and the "life." portion of its subtitle.}

anyway, back to the visual stimulation i love. here are each of the shots from the collage individually {with some more jibber jabber about them }. enjoy.

petunias in a cup
i received these free flowers for planting as a thank you for purchasing something at a local arts/gift store. the plant traveled with me to the cafe down the street and brightened my coffee and scone breakfast.

sheet of clouds
not much to say about this photo... other than "i just love this!"

have you had this sparking juice brand? it's called izze. it's very tasty. this one was blackberry. i enjoyed taking pictures of the bottle, especially with the way the sun glistened through it. and i liked the packaging design and the color of the juice... a perfect match to the hue of my spring trench coat. i sat outside in the sun at a sidewalk cafe for lunch one day. the other patrons must have thought i was a weirdo for taking pictures of my bottled juice instead of drinking it. but as you can see, i didn't care.

again, what else can i say that the photo doesn't? when the sky is this color at this time of night, i'm swooning!

moving train
i'll never stop taking pictures on the train. they may all look the same, but i can't not do it! this was from my most recent trip to chicago. i can't get enough of that captured movement in the foreground, while the background objects remain unblurred. and i love the photo's coloring, which is manufactured by the tinted glass of the train windows. i'm not sure if all train windows are like this, but it's one of the things i like most on our train cars.

single tulip
you saw this tulip before... a couple of posts back. and you will see it again. {sorry }. it's just that i love the look of a single flower in a vase... especially if it sits on a sill in the light.

i took this recently while looking up under a tree. the camera obviously did not focus, but sometimes those are the very best images, no? this one looks sort of tie-die to me. i think i'd like a skirt made out of this image.


CDScott said...

Love the petunia shot...the cup is crisp and not blown out while the white around it is hot white. Very cool. Always love your work.

Steve Gravano said...

Nice collection for you mosaic. I especially like "this time of night" photo. The red stop lights on blue and other shapes make it very dream-like.

georgia b. said...

thanks, you two!

Hi Kooky said...

I LOVE Izze drinks! They hold a special place in my heart. Not only are they delicious, but the name... and the logo...

Beautiful photos, as always. I like that piece of advice your friend gave you. I'm working on re-writing some things I tend to tell myself. This may be just the perfect reminder to keep in my pocket.

There are 3 stray tulips blooming under our pear tree. Your photo makes me want to cut one for a vase, but I think the 2 remaining tulips might look a little lonely if I did that. I think I'll leave them and just enjoy the view. :)

Sight + sound, art + music = my top favorites too. I so understand what it is to be moved by both.

Thanks for sharing! Have a great rest of the week!

georgia b. said...

thanks, jen. we are izze kindred spirits. yay!

driftwood said...

sounds like your friend gives very good advice, it's a great mantra to live by

mrs mediocrity said...

I love them all...though I think the last is my favorite, probably because I have been playing with taking intentionally out of focus shots lately. But happy accidents are always the best, and I always love all of your photos...

georgia b. said...

i agree, driftwood. especially since i tend to focus on the facts and then put my own meaning to them. but i want to choose to let things go no matter how they were meant.

thanks, kelly. i love to purposefully take pics out of focus. two of the seven shots in this post were taken that way, in fact. the street lights and the izze bottle. i've seen yours... you take some really cool blurry shots!

S. Etole said...

I like the view through the screen behind the tulip ...

lissa said...

I like taking photos on a moving train too but it's always too crowded and I feel people looking at me strangely

I like the clouds and night and abstract shot - I think abstract shots has a lot to look at and it can be seen in many ways

Kara said...

I love those 'oops photos' too! Some turn out to be the best ever :)

Rhiannon Nicole said...

I love all of your typography here. It is one of my faves :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, everyone!

i agree, lissa. must be why abstract paintings are so sought after and respected as an art form.

thank you, rhiannon. i love to add type to my pics. sometimes i think i might do it too often, but i rarely can resist, so it's nice to hear when it is appreciated. : )