sneak preview

tickled pink

hello! good morning! happy monday!

i thought i would just pop in quickly to give you a quick wish for a good week and a small preview of the gorgeous flowering trees and shrubs that i was able to catch over the weekend.

these spring-time blooms don't hang around for very long, so i was determined to go out and capture them on camera while they are here. we had the most beautiful sunny weekend {although a bit chilly } for shooting. i was eager to get out, and i found that one of the best times of shooting i had was yesterday after meeting two dear friends for coffee. we met on the woodstock square {where i got married }. after sitting on a bench in the sun and chatting for a bit, they went on their way and i stayed to take some pics of a gorgeous pink-flowered shrub. i'm not even sure what it is called, but i knew i had to stop and photograph it.

i walked around the bush for about a half hour, looking for just the right angles to get just the right shots. i was sooooooo happy with the results, and i look forward to posting many more of the photos from this small span of shooting. you could say i was tickled pink with what i got.

if you stopped by yesterday for my text tutorial only to find it was not there, i apoligize. it took me a while to get it posted, but i eventually did... around 10:00 at night. but better late than never. see my post below, if you were and still are curious.

have a wonderful week! i'll see you soon with lots more pink!


Hi Kooky said...

Hey Georgia! I have no idea what the plant is either, but it is beautiful indeed. I want to check out your text tutorial - sounds cool. Happy Monday!

slommler said...

So beautiful! It looks like an old rose plant...vintage! Whatever it is...it is gorgeous. And your photo is fabulous!

Angela H. said...

Hehe. I'm wearing pink today.

margie said...

the breaking of spring is so thrilling. every day new life "springing to life". lol. love it.