lunchtime view

lunchtime view

goodness, i'm so behind.

do you ever feel like you just caught up, only to have the busyness of life creep back in on you? that's where i'm at today. i'm going to get my teeth cleaned, then to work where we are busy, then home with a list a mile long of things i should do.

sometimes i think life and i go at two completely different paces. i'm just glad it's not a race, because if it was, life would be winning.

well, pink will have to wait. {a reference to my post below }


slommler said...

Yes the more I hurry up the more behind I feel. Things that I get done are quickly replaced with several more things to do! Ack!!
I am so far behind that my behind is behind!!

mrs mediocrity said...

I know the feeling so very well! I feel like that most of the time and always trying to figure out how to slow life down. Someday...

Barefoot from Heaven said...

yep told you so before...we sure are on the same page here.