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he knew a path that wanted walking;
he knew a spring that wanted drinking;
a thought that wanted further thinking.

~robert frost

i wish i could write like that. to anyone out there who has a little bit of a robert frost in you that is just dying to get out... won't you write me a short poem of your own... something to go with my photo? i'd love to see what you come up with.


smith kaich jones said...

no poem here, but oh my my! that picture is one big piece of loveliness. gorgeous!!!

:) Debi

Beauty 2 Behold said...

quietly...snuggled deep within itself;
patiently waiting for it's time.
new life forming at it's center;
new beauty to be unwrapped.
from afar i see the light;
the chill turned to warmth.
it's time has come.
slowly and fully she arrives;
splendor and majesty awaken.
welcome...we've been waiting for you.

(sorry, no Frost...but it's what I felt) : )
Thanks for the inspirational picture, Georgia!
Have a beautiful day, friends!

jacs23 said...

A wisp of your soul, your broken petal
Clinging to the knowledge of dreaming and hope
Growing in strength like a twinkling, strong, yet gentle metal.

Carried away by the breeze and warming
Of the endearing and glowing sun
Waiting for your love and desire,
to connect in your root as one.

Blooming, awakening, refreshing your growing soul!
Hanging onto the rays of beauty
Yearning to teach and share
And simply know….

S. Etole said...

coming of age
banners of loveliness ...

jill said...

shades of white
unfold their beauty
upon petals
in sun's light
in spring breezes

no frost here, but words that just came to me.

mrs mediocrity said...

silence. not golden, but fragile, opaque, luminous.
a girl, the same, except for her strength.
no fallen petals here, just a beautiful sanctuary, fragrant.

for georgia, as sweet as her photos.
from Kelly (the blue muse and also mrs mediocrity)

georgia b. said...

oh, kelly... i did not realize you were also mrs. mediocrity. : )

you all are wonderful to write! thank you.

A said...

i'll have to think on this one... but i am probably a little intimidated by robert frost's amazing words! :)

beautiful beautiful image and i love the words you picked to share!

EnnythingGoes said...

a bud.
driving rain and gentle shower.
scorching heat and quiet breeze.
now a flower.

a flower.
in driving rain and scorching heat.
petals meant to touch its world.
dazzling beauty, fragrance sweet.
now a blessing.

a child. a bud.
now a woman.
now a flower.
now what, Lord?

Strangely, my verse for today has been: "But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere. For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing."

It is what I desire for my life.

Jane said...

It takes a certain courage

to turn your face to the sun

to open a wounded heart

and to expect a blessing

but you will find Him waiting

with outstretched arms full of love.

Heather said...

a haiku for my friend g:

welcome bright spring with
velvety soft white petals,
sunlit, kissed with dew

miss you!

georgia b. said...

beautiful, jane!
beautiful, heather!

thank you.

sweetsalty kate said...

This is so fabulous! A gorgeous capture and I love all the contributions inspired by it.

georgia b. said...

thank you, kate!